4 Unhealthy Ingredients You Should Avoid When You’re Making A Salad

A healthy salad must have a lot of greens. Get rid of those creamy and delicious dressings, to avoid turning your salad into an unhealthy one! But there are other ingredients which sabotage your healthy diet.
As a general rule when you want to prepare a healthy salad, choose green leaves: baby spinach, arugula, lettuce. Anything green has less calories and a lot of nutrients. Usually, we don’t consume enough greens when we’re dieting, though we should! What’s with the greens? Added altogether in a bowl they don’t taste pretty good, but you can add ingredients, one by one to give flavor to your salad. But if you’re not careful when you’re preparing your salad, you can quickly turn it into one big unhealthy salad which will help gaining weight instead losing it!

1. Croutons

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Croutons shouldn’t exist in a healthy salad because they are full with carbs and calories. Croutons can have a large amount of sodium. Generally, just 12 croutons have about 60 calories. So it’s better to eat whole grain bread! It contains fiber and is nourishing!

2. Creamy dressings

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Dressings like Ranch, Blue cheese, Italian or Caesar can transform your healthy salad bowl into a feast full of food additives. It can contain almost 200 calories, depending on the quantity of dressing you’re adding in your salad, bowl, on how chicken, and you can add 200 calories to your salad. Only 180 of the mare fats! It’s always better to choose a light sauce made of olive oil and wine vinegar.

3. Cheese

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Cheese is fat, but it’s very tasty! Almost irresistible! And when you add it in your salad, you can’t stop eating! Keep in mind though that a cup of crumbled feta cheese has 396 calories! Parmesan and cheddar have even more! If you put a lot of cheese in a salad, you can prepare actually a caloric bomb. It’s better to eat a fast food hamburger than a salad with cheese.

4. Large portions

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If you want to eat healthy and nutritious, there is no frightful ingredient if take a good care of the portion size. Nothing will happen with you if you eat fried eggs for breakfast. But don’t do it daily. So when it comes to a healthy salad, control your portion size! If the portion is bigger you’ll increase the unhealthy ingredients amount or those who are getting you fat!

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