The Latest Spectacular Pictures Taken On Mars Prove That Once Was Life There

Stratified geological past of Mars is revealed in startling details of these new color images returned by Curiosity rover of NASA which is exploring now the “Murray Buttes” (a mound with flat peaks), a region from the root of Aeolis Mons Mountains.
These new images are undoubtedly challenging to the photographs taken in US National Parks.
Curiosity took the pictures with Mast Camera (Mastcam) on September 8.
In the close future, Curiosity rover team plans to assemble, from the collection of dozen of pictures taken at this location, higher mosaics.

Image Credits: Sci-news

“The scientific team from Curiosity was simply delighted to take a road trip through an American southwestern desert on Mars,” said the scientist Curiosity project, Ashwin Vasavada, from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, Pasadena, California.

Image Credits: Dnaindia

Those Martian mounds which rise above the surface are remnants of old sandstone eroded that were formed when winds deposited sand in the lower layers of the mountain.
“Studying these rocks allowed us to better understand better how they formed and how were buried these sand dunes, chemically modified by groundwaters, exhumed and eroded to form the landscape that we see today,” said Vasavada .

Image Credits: Pics-about-space

These new images represent the last station of Curiosity in Murray Buttes, where the rover was walking just over a month.
In this location, on September 9, the rover began its last drilling company.
Once this drilling is complete, Curiosity will continue its path to south, farther and above Aeolis Mons, leaving behind these spectacular formations.

Image Credits: Unearthlynews

Curiosity landed near Aeolis Mons in 2012.
It reached the mountain in 2014 after he found on the surrounding plains prove which confirms that the ancient Martian lakes offered conditions favorable for microbes, if Mars ever hosted life.
Rock layers that form the base of Aeolis Mons Mountain accumulated sediments in these ancient lakes.

Image Credits: Unearthlynews

On Aeolis Mons Mountain, Curiosity investigates how and when these old livable conditions from previous findings, evolved in drier conditions and less favorable for life.

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