9 Quick Beauty Tricks For All Busy Women Out There

Ideally would be spending an hour every morning in front of the mirror and apply carefully the foundation and bronzer to get a perfect look. In real life, we don’t have much time, which means that, most often, our mornings are crazy, chaotic and the makeup ritual is definitely missing. These quick beauty tricks are very helpful when we are getting ready for job or when we are late.

1. Choose a double role scrub

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Use a scrub that is designed to exfoliate and to remove dead cells, but at the same time protects and moisturizes the skin. A body scrub with Argan oil will clean your skin, leaving it soft and luminous, without needing other hydration products.

2. Learn to braid your hair

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Such a hairstyle takes only a few seconds to be ready and, with an intense lipstick with avocado oil, you’ll get a simple look, yet elegant and daring.

3. Highlight certain qualities

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When time is limited, you can forget about eye shadows and make your blush with dual usage. Apply powder with coconut fragrance both on the cheek and eyelids, for a natural tan look.

4. How to style your hair in Beachy waves

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Part your hair in two, then part those parts again, braid each part then twist the braided tail into small bun, in clockwise. Do this before bed and in the morning you’ll enjoy a natural wavy hair.

5. Apply a face mask

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If you are workaholic, spending your time doing extra hours or you’re a multitasking mom who also has to working has to go to work, your daily routine should be short and easy. You have to take care of your skin at night before bed. A face cream with Dead Sea mud, with purifying, revitalizing and moisturizing effect it’s perfect for “always on the run” women.

6. Give up showers

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Replace morning hair wash with a dry shampoo to save time. Apply this product at the hair root, in the evening before bedtime to allow the substance to act, drying the oily scalp.

7. Choose princess Leia hairstyle

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Wash your hair before bedtime, let it dry partially then twist it into two buns, just like princess Leis. The next day, loose your hair off, apply Argan oil, which restructures and protects the hair, and enjoy the natural obtained curls!

8. Purchase products with multiple benefits

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“Choose products that can be used for many purposes”, advice specialists. For example, red lipstick with Argan oil can be used both for lips and cheeks replacing blush. Thus, you no longer need to look after other products or carry with you all the time.

9. Apply eyelash extensions

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Natural eyelash extensions applied hair by hair will give you a natural eye look, revitalizing this way the look from head to toe. Add your foundation and blush and your make-up is complete!

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