10 Unique Destinations You Want To Be On Your Next Holiday

Just check out this selection of the 10 most beautiful spots from around the world, which range from the wild reaches of Iceland, to the sunny climes of Philippines.

And remember – Whatever your passion, there are ground rules: always aim for the dry season; try to book direct flights; and make sure the destination is age-appropriate.

Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

The nutrient-rich elements of the Blue Lagoon’s water make it a great place to soak your body.

Koh Tao (Thailand)

Koh Tao offers one of the most relaxed and dazzling settings in the country. Koh Tao attracts numerous divers and visitors looking for a more tranquil ambiance.

Koh Tao is one of the best places to plunge yourself into the warm waters for snorkeling. End your evening here by enjoying the catch of the day alongside a fruity cocktail.

Parga (Greece)

The idyllic town of Parga, surrounded be mountains and picturesque olive groves, is perfect for a relaxing holiday. The town is blessed with a myriad of picture-perfect beaches.

In the evening make sure you visit one of the wonderful tavernas, offering freshly made local dishes, or enjoy a drink in a bar overlooking the beach.

Cinque Terre (Italy)

On the coast of the Italian Riviera sits picturesque Cinque Terra, which is actually five small villages that are so close together you can travel between them by foot.

Portofino (Italy)

The small fishing village of Portofino is an amazing display of untouched Italian culture. Hidden in the countryside, this water-front town captivates everyone who visits.

Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Great Barrier Reef is located in Australia. It is the world’s biggest coral reef system. This wonderful place includes over 2’900 reefs.

Great Barrier Reefs is a perfect place for tourists who love diving and are interested in underwater life. Exotic and wild underwater world will astonish you.

Palawan (Philippines)

Palawan happens to be voted as the most beautiful island in the world.

In Palawan, you’ll find beautiful crystal blue water that mixes with emerald green. The whole island boasts of rainforests, majestic mountains, karst cliffs, primitive caves and virgin beaches.

Positano – Amalfi Coast (Italy)

Positano is the most popular town of Amalfi coast of Italy.

The water is a vibrant blue, the mountains rising high above are striking, the town itself has best of Italian charm.

Colmar (France)

I can see Belle from Beauty and the Beast singing “bonjour” going through this little town.

Santorini (Greece)

An island with more churches than houses, more donkeys than people, and more wine than water.

Santorini really is a place like no either. Hundreds of white-washed buildings, gathered together on a striking volcanic cliff. There are almost too many unique and incredible things to do during a visit to Santorini!

You can swim straight off the rocks, or if you are game, climb up the stairs of the massive boulder in the water and do your best dive in!

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