Top 10 Easy Braids Video Tutorials Perfect For Short Hair

Braids rule the hairdo trends for several seasons and it seems that they are very stubborn to stay on top when it comes to hairstyles.
If you have short hair you might think that braids are not for you. But you’re wrong, of course if you have pixie haircut, let’s be honest that braids can’t be done there, but bob or asymmetrical haircuts are perfect to be braided.
So, I searched for some video tutorials, because I’m the lucky owner of a bob haircut and sometimes I want ”that change”, for short hair braids and they very informative. If you don’t know how to braid, believe me you’ll learn from these video tutorials.

Halo Braid Short Hair

The below video tutorial explains exactly and very easy how to braid your short hair. I truly love how is explained in this video and if you follow the instruction exactly, you’ll succeed in the end and you’ll have the perfect braid.

Step-by-step video tutorial:

Pull Short Hair Through Braid

Well, this is kind of hard for me to do, but my friend, also with a bob hairstyle, managed to realize it. Just can’t figure it out! But I’m not giving up because I love the hairdo. And not to mention that this cute braid are for those “you haven’t washed your hair” days.

Step-by-step video tutorial:

Two Cute Braided Hairstyles

After watching this video tutorial even if you don’t have short hair, you’ll cut it off. These hairstyles are too cute for me! This one I could braid and a few day ago I wore this hairdo proudly.

Step-by-step video tutorial:

Waterfall Braid Short Hair

This is definitely and easy peasy hairstyle and very romantic in my opinion, but bohemian at the same time. It’s perfect for a long walk in a park or for a lazy day at the beach. Love it.

Step-by-step video tutorial:

Quick And Easy Braids She Said

…and she is absolutely right. Just watch the entire video and you’ll see the easiness of these cute hairstyles. My friend braided her hair like in the first tutorial today. And she was very trilled.

Step-by-step video tutorial:

Lace Braid Headband on Short Hair

At first it looked extremely hard to braid like this, but what do you think…it isn’t! You’ll definitely love this and short hair won’t be “boring” anymore.

Step-by-step video tutorial:

French Braids Messy Bun For Short Hair

I developed a passion for hair styling after watching these videos and after I’ve braid my hair. And believe me, my hair is very thin and it breaks easily and looks messy all the time. And I discovered some beautiful hairstyles for me.

Step-by-step video tutorials:

Bohemian Braids For Short Hair

The following video isn’t quite for short hair, but the hairdos definitely work for short haircuts, too. Boho style catches me good and with my bob haircut and some flowers in my hair…I just love the way my hair looks like. This hairstyle is perfect for concerts and music festivals.

Step-by-step video tutorial:

Faux Waterfall Headband

Pick your braided headband for tomorrow and you’ll be an eye-catcher! True! The angelic figure will appear on your face, you’ll see!

Step-by-step video tutorial:

Side French Braid

Some of us learned the braid after watching this video tutorial. Yes, we (me) have! 🙂 So, try it too, and you’ll achieve a golden medal for braids.

Step-by-step video tutorial:

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