Top 10 Real Life Winter Proposal Ideas To Surprise Your Future To Be Wife

Well, hello future to be grooms! Finally, you’ve decided it’s time to settle down and ask your beautiful and lovely half to enjoy the life ride together? Great! Because she’ll be thrilled to say YES, I do if you inspire from these wedding proposals. And, winter proposals are magical somehow, because Mother Nature helps you a lot with the décor, creating the fairy moment every girl wants.

1. Surprise Sleigh Ride Proposal

Ohh, that’s really magical! And they look so great together. Nice idea to start a life near your beloved one. Read the whole story HERE.

2. Magical Proposal In New York City

Nikki and Trent are magical in these pictures and their love story needs to written down in a book. Wish them a long and happy life together.

3. Italian Wedding Proposal

This is a quite interesting idea. Place the wedding ring into a globe…or in hot chocolate powder. Geeze, there are plenty ideas but Italians got the magic for sure. Full story and idea HERE.

4. The Proposal

These two are absolutely adorable and they nail it with this wedding proposal. Crazy but truly lovely idea. See the whole story HERE.

5. Perfect Ring Box

Image Credits: Pinterest

I already told you that Mother Nature helps to propose your lovely future to be wife in winter. This is one unique idea and you’ll definitely surprise her.

6. Marriage Proposal At A Farm

Yeah, it sounds rustic but when your at the country side everything helps you. Nature creates the perfect environment to receive the happiest YES ever! Read full story HERE.

7. A Central Park Proposal Story

Well, he tells you: Hold on, let m take you a picture! Then you see him knelling and asking the freaking big question! Ohh that’s definitely a surprise! Read the love story HERE.

8. Magical Proposal

It starts snowing and the time is now! She deserves a big fancy marriage proposal followed by a big fancy wedding because you choose her to be the mother of your children. This magical story related in pictures HERE.

9. Surprise Engagement On February

He took her ice skating and he knelt in front of his lover and pop up the big question! And how could she said no when the whole white sightseeing help to be a fairy tale. Whole surprise HERE.

10. Drop Hints That You’re Ready For A Christmas Proposal

Because life is a game and you have to play it nice and creative. Entertain your relationship and make her laugh because she’ll be yours forever. Lovely story HERE.

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