Top 10 DIY Mouse Traps To Catch Those Little Rodents For Good

Mice aren’t so nice like Jerry in cartoons. Even if they are so tiny often they can do a lot of damage around a house and let’s be honest, we don’t like to see a mouse taking its nest in our home. They develop and spread a lot of diseases because they live in miserable places, full of dirt and bacteria. And it’s better to avoid having around the house a tiny, little mousy that’s why I decided to share with you these brilliant and guaranteed DIY mouse traps, especially after I found a tiny creature in the garage 3 days ago.

Build A Gallon Mouse Trap (Self-Resetting)

This is one great invention and it works 100%. Very effective and you can catch the whole “Mouse” family. How it’s made HERE.

Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap

Another easy to do trick and cheap. And the mouse actually isn’t traumatized and you can release him back, to your neighbor house. 🙂 Full tutorial HERE.

Disposable Cup Rat/Mouse Trap

If you don’t like killing animals, this trap is good for you. Catch and release the fellow back in the nature. Just send him back and you’ll catch him again. Step-by-step tutorial HERE.

Mousetrap Car

This is one clever idea and very funny. And you can say the mouse just died in a car accident. Wise idea HERE.

Cable Tie Rat/Mouse Trap

If you don’t want to trap the rodent…hang him! There is always an option to catch a mouse, you just need to search! Great tutorial HERE.

Simple Mouse Trap That Really Works

To be honest, all methods here are working for good…there is 1% chance to lose the mouse if is too clever…and it’s not, only if it’s a circus mouse. And this method is easy and sure checked! Full video tutorial HERE.

Keep Mice Out Of Your RV

Another solution is to poison them with homemade solutions. Cheap and sure, if he catches the bait…but mice are hungry and greed and definitely they would be trapped. Homemade solution HERE.

Craft Stick Mouse Trap

Clever popsicle sticks craft. Thanks for sharing this wise idea with us. Creative and useful and I bet it’s working too. Full tutorial HERE.

Simple Humane Mousetrap

And this is the mousetrap I used to get rid of Jerry from my garage. For me, it worked and the “pet” survived, because I don’t like killing them, only in case of great emergency. 🙂 Mousetrap tutorial HERE.

Catch a Mouse With a Jar and a Nickel

This is an old school method my grandparents used to use to catch mice because Kitty was to busy, sleeping, to catch a mouse. And I’m sure it works 100%. More information HERE.

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