18 Incredible Useful Cooking Tips To Save Time In The Kitchen

Everyone knows how to cook but the beginning can be surprisingly messy. Saving time in the kitchen is every housewife’s dream because you have a lot of other stuff to do! The following kitchen hacks are very useful and I bet you would’ve loved to know about them sooner. But it’s never too late because they are handy every time. So, take a pen and note everything down! 

How To Cook Perfect Rice

Half an hour and with this cooking hack you’ll have the perfect rice over your table. Information HERE.

Freeze Wine Cubs For Cooking

I love this tip…well, it’s wine after all. 🙂 But it will be great for the steak you’re planing to make for Christmas. Information HERE.

Keep Lemons Fresh Longer

This is another useful tip! Great thing to share with us this information. The whole information HERE.

Separate Egg Yolks With A Plastic Bottle

In this video tutorial you’ll find step by step how to separate an egg yolk with a plastic bottle. Information HERE.

Freeze Smoothie Ingredients in Individual Serving Bags

Great to freeze and when you need a smoothie you have all ingredients prepared. Just place in blender and voila. More information HERE.

Prevent Fruit from Browning

Sometimes we prepare our ingredient the night before to cook in the morning. But what do we do with fruits which are getting brown? See HERE more information about this tip.

Slicing Cherry Tomatoes

If you are in a big hurry and need to do everything quickly this tip is very handy, especially with tiny tomatoes. Or if patience is not your middle name. More information HERE.

Clean Your Cooking Grates with an Onion

With an onion cut in half clean your hot grate very easy to grill meat without sticking. More information HERE.

Peeling Garlic The Easy Way

I hate when I have to peel garlic because those tiny garlic cloves take a lot of time. So, I just loved this tip when I saw it! More information HERE.

Preserve Fresh Herbs

Genius I may say! One ice cube and the soup is done…or to decorate the salad, or to be used at many other things. Brilliant hack HERE.

Grill Fish on Lemons to Prevent Sticking

This is amazing. Also fish will absorb the fresh lemon aroma. Tasty and useful too. Whole hack HERE.

Mini Bacon Egg Cups

I wouldn’t actually call these delicious “cupcakes” a cooking hack but they look like the perfect breakfast. And it’s a delicious invention. Whole trick HERE.

Wine Bottle as Rolling Pin

Don’t have a rolling pin to prepare the best pie ever? You don’t need one because you have wine in the bar! 🙂 and you can crush nuts with a wine bottle too instead cutting them with a knife. HERE you have more information.

Get The Whole Juice From A Lime

Microwave the limes then squeeze the whole liquid out of them fill your cup! Step by step instructions HERE.

Frozen Grapes Great For…

…keeping your wine chilled and many other beneficial properties. More information HERE.

How To Cut An Onion, Without The Tears

I find this infromation very useful for all housewives. What’s your opinion about chopping onions when your cooking? Great information HERE.

Prevent Oil From Splattering

Easy peasy trick! I wish I could know baout this earlier! I wouldn’t destroyed my kitchen walls. Useful tip HERE.

Cook Bacon Like A Chef

My family enjoy eating bacon for breakfast and I try to cook it the best way can. And this tip actually helped me a lot. Useful tip HERE.

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