Beautiful, But Unloved: 10 Most Underrated Tourist Destinations

Over time, a lot of people and works of art that have been shown later to be truly valuable were underestimated.
Many holiday destinations with great potential are underrated today. We are talking about places that offer variety, exoticism, relaxation and adventure, all in competitive conditions and circumstances, but which are never included in the top destinations. Here are a few examples.

Belfast, Ireland

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Belfast City has recently surpassed its troubled past to become a vibrant and unique cultural center. With its politics inspired frescoes and green parks, Belfast is a breath of the Irish heaven and also more affordable than Dublin.

Malealea, Lesotho

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In the heart of the South Africa you can find the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. Although it is not the most accessible place, Lesotho offers excellent camping trips and many riding centers. Basuto people from this the region abounds in cultural and historic richness, being among the most hospitable people in the world.

Islas de la Bahia, Honduras

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Are you interested in the last virgin beaches in the Caribbean? Well, Islas de la Bahia from Honduras is still far from the aggressive commercial popularization of Cancun and Montego. White and kilometers long beaches, almost untouched by tourism are found in abundance here.

Bilbao, Spain

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Spain offers a large number of popular destinations for vacations, but Basque Country, a region in northern Spain, is wrongly neglected by top tourist destination lists. The biggest city is Bilbao, a major port and industrial center, situated on the Nervion river.

Calgary, Canada

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Calgary is the traditional starting point to Canadian cities Banff or Jasper, most tourists neglecting to stay here to see what the largest city in the province of Alberta has to offer. Calgary is situated on the boundary between the Rocky Mountains and the Canadian prairie.

The city is an important economic center, focused around the oil industry in Alberta. Many companies have their headquarters in Calgary due to the combination between proximity to oil fields, mild climate and the more relaxed tax regime. It is wonderful destination for those who appreciate the endless green spaces and cycling trails.

Puebla, Mexico

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Most visitors never go further than the beaches of Cancun and Acapulco. But just a few hours drive away from Mexico City you can find the historic city of Puebla. With its beautiful colonial architecture, perfect weather and delicious local cuisine, Puebla has a special charm.

Gdansk, Poland

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History has not been too gentle with this charming Baltic town, turned into ashes during the Second World War. To date, however, most of the old structures were rebuilt with great precision and you can easily spend hours and even days, wandering through the historic regions. Not taking into account the Old Town, Gdansk offers important tourist attractions, such as many parks, a zoo, a spectacular cathedral, beaches and nightlife.

Quito, Ecuador

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Quito is placed around the base of Pichincha, a volcano covered with snow, which offers one of the most impressive backgrounds you can see on Earth. The historic city center was one of the first places on Earth designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Granada, Nicaragua

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One of the oldest colonial cities in Central America, Granada is accessible by road from Managua. No longer a hidden secret as in previous years, the town became a popular destination for tourists thanks to its peaceful times in recent years. Once here, remember that you should not miss the local coffee.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Image Credits: Kiwi Collection

South Africa is famous mostly for its natural reserves, undeniably breathtaking. But many people do not know that this country produces one of the best varieties of wine in the world. And Stellenbosch is the town where this Bacchic wealth dwells. The city is the second oldest European venue of the Western Cape province, after Cape Town, and became known as the City of the Oaks because of the large number of oaks planted here by the city’s founder, Simon van der Stel.

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