10 Cute And Cozy Birdhouse Projects To Fill Your Garden With Joy And Lovely Songs

Having a birdhouse in your garden it’s a sign of prosperity and shows that there lives a good, loving family. Helping birds and other creatures to live tells a lot about a person and building a house and feeding for them it’s the most amazing thing you could do. We all know Cinderella’s fairy tale, how she was helped by those little birds to get dressed. Who knows, maybe someday the birds will help you, too if you build a beautiful home for them. Here are a few awesome projects to build your favorite birdhouse.

1. License Plate Birdhouse

Give a nice and registered home to your garden singers. Build this birdhouse HERE.

2. Build A Blue Bird Birdhouse

This will turn a beautiful project for my daughter and her grandfather. I’ll print the tutorials for them. Build this birdhouse HERE.

3. Cute DIY Birdhouse

This looks like one modernist birdhouse. Very cute and kind of easy to realize. Build this birdhouse HERE.

4. DIY Bluebird House

Bluebirds are the most exquisite birds a home can have. The singing and all day flying around is absolutely stunning. Build this birdhouse HERE.

5. Green-Rooftop Birdhouse

Plant some flowers on top of the birdhouse and create the perfect pace place for those little winged fellows. Build this birdhouse HERE.

6. Build A Bird Feeder

A step by step tutorial to build the perfect “dinning room” for birds. Build this birdhouse HERE.

7. Build a Modern Birdhouse

They deserve too to take advantage of the new architectural concept. And it’s so easy to build this cozy house. Build this birdhouse HERE.

8. Bird House With Night Lights

Makes me laugh…an amazing invention. This is what I call a great soul thinking to all details. Build this birdhouse HERE.

9. Clay Pot DIY Birdhouse

Use your old clay pots to build a comfortable house for birds. And very pretty too if you paint it and decorate it right. Build this birdhouse HERE.

10. Wooden Bird Feeder Plans

Mediterranean birdhouse. It looks exactly like the human houses in Santorini. Beautiful, indeed! Build this birdhouse HERE.

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