How To Cut Onions Without Crying (VIDEO Tutorial)

Here’s a thing you’ve probably been doing it wrong your whole life. Onions taste very good but cutting them up is likely to end in tears. This onion hack is sure to make onion-induced crying a thing of the past.

All you need is:

– a small paring knife
– a larger vegetable knife
– an onion

Take your onion and locate its base. This will be the brown, hairy-looking button on the flatter part of the onion where the roots come out of.

Don’t peel the onion yet! Using the smaller paring knife, place the blade’s tip near the circumference of the button. You’ll want to leave a small ring of onion skin between the button edge and the blade. Roughly ⅓ the diameter of the onion.

Angle the blade of the paring knife as if you’re cutting out a cone in the onion. Slowly insert the knife at this angle all the way around the button. The depth of the cone should be about a third of the onion.

Lift out the cone and ta-da! You’ve taken out the bulb where all that pesky tear gas comes from. Cut up your onion however you’d like, and dispose of the bulb.

Watch the tutorial below!

Image Credits: Thekitchn

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