8 Rookie Style Mistakes Men Need To Stop Committing

Even the smallest detail that you don’t take into account can ruin your whole outfit. Here are the most common style traps that gentlemen fall into.

1. Wavy collar shirts

Over time, the collar loses its original shape and becomes soft. When the collar starts bending its edges, taking a boat shape, it’s clearly the time for a new wardrobe, modern and elegant.

2. Too long or too short pants

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Pants must have appropriate length! What is the correct size? Simple! The hem can reach up to one centimeter from the floor, but it should not touch it (never ever).

3. Revealing too much skin

A too deep “V” T-shirt neckline rarely looks good. Whether they want to show their hairy chest or their pecs, this is not a solution.

4. Uninspired tie

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The tie that passes the belt or the one that reaches just above the navel is the worst possible choice. The appropriate length is acquired when it reaches the top of the belt.

5. Mismatched socks

Image Credits: Flickr

One of the most blatant fashion mistakes that men make regards the sock’s color. You must take into account that the white socks are only for sports shoes and the dark ones go well with the suit. Socks don’t need to match the shoes, they must match your pants.

6. Untucked shirts

Image Credits: Maxmayo

A shirt that covers the buttocks must be worn tucked. For a more casual look, a shirt can be worn untucked only if its length covers half the buttocks, but not shorter than that.

7. Inappropriate belt

Image Credits: Chibepoosham

Particular attention should be paid to the belt: it needs to match your shoes. For example, a blue suit with black shoes and brown belt is not a good combination.

8. Too much perfume

Too much perfume is worse than none at all. Those who want to smell good should be aware that a drop of perfume is enough to attract attention.

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