7 Ways You Don’t Realize You’re Damaging Your Hair

Before you start complaining about hair loss (or dry, damaged hair with split ends), read this article and find out where you’re doing wrong. Your hair is not only sick, but gets a lot of problems due to your negligence. Find out where your fault is and avoid the wrong habits from now on.

You wait too long until you decide to cut your hair

Perhaps you want a longer hair and you postpone cutting the ends. Unfortunately, the time that passes between two haircuts may damage half its length, so when you eventually decide to cut it, it may be impossible to trim it to the desired length. In addition, all the cosmetics in the world won’t be able to treat your split ends, so do your best and trim your ends every 6 weeks at least.

You wash your hair every day

The hair does not need a daily wash, despite you like keeping it extremely clean. Unfortunately, hair care products excessively dry the scalp, resulting in an excess of sebum that gives that fatty hair look. The solution is maintaining a balance: alternate shampoo with a conditioner that gives volume.

You use the hair dryer at the highest speed

Any hair dryer has at least two speeds. Most people use the highest one because they do not have patience. Artificial heat alters your hair because it dries it excessively. Therefore you either use the minimum speed or you let it dry naturally. In time, your hair will look much healthier.

You fix your hair while it is still wet

You should not fix your hair until it is 80% dry. When wet, your hair is very sensitive. In addition, styling becomes more difficult and many tangled and broken hairs may result.

You combine hairspray and hair straightener

You apply hairspray or mousse and then you use the hair straightener? Big mistake! You’re just “frying” your hair effectively, and often you can feel a burning smell. The contact between the hair straightener’s heat and alcohol is fatal for your hair, so try using first a hair straightener with thermal protection and only after use the hairspray.

You repeatedly dye the hair

If you dye your hair frequently, avoid applying dye everywhere. There is no point! Dye only the hair roots that bring out the old hair color and leave the rest untouched. In any case, get used to fix only the areas where it is badly needed because over time dyed hair gets thin and degrades.

Too much hydration

Dry hair needs special care and attention. But as the oily hair doesn’t need to be dried excessively, dry hair should not be obsessively revived. When applying a hair moisturizer, do not use large quantities and avoid applying too much to the hair root. Focus especially on the ends, as they tend to dry out quickly.

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