5 Mistakes You Make When Wearing A Coat

There are few clothing items that can boost your style as well as the waterfall coats! However, even when you dress this item as a “secret weapon”, you can make lots of mistakes.

To have a flawless look when wearing a coat you need to follow a few simple rules:

Respect the rule of volumes

Long and wide coats, continue to dominate the trends and have the great advantage of turning you in an ultra stylish appearance. But you must know how to combine them, scrupulously respecting one golden rule: such an oversized model needs a minimalist outfit! Courtney Love has violated this rule, and here are the results.

Do not wear a dress or a skirt longer than your coat

When wearing a medium length coat, it is very important that it goes beyond your dress or skirt. You’ll outline a balanced and harmonious look that will work in your favor! If she wouldn’t violate this style mistake, Kate Beckinsale would have ranked among the most appreciated presences.

Don’t unsightly mix prints

Mixing the prints is a chapter that even the most talented fashionistas can fail. The rule is to combine prints that have at least one element in common, be it colorful or conceptual. Associating an animal print coat with a colored striped sweater without any crossing item will prove to be a failure in most cases!

You’re wearing only statement pieces

A beautifully cut coat, slim, with an opulent print, is a style statement by itself and needs no other statement pieces! Even Karlie Kloss has difficulties in choosing an outfit consisting of a full patterned coat and embroidered overalls! By following her example, you’ll outline an improper look where nothing shines!

Do not misuse the vivid colors

That’s true, a red coat will be the “piece de resistance” of your wardrobe, but can be easily transformed from friend to enemy, if you match it with other items as colorful! This coat will “feel” great in a monochrome outfit and will wither along a blue dress, a yellow scarf and eclectic shoes.

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