16 Cool Things And Handy Tricks We Bet You Didn’t Know

Here are a bunch of cool things and handy tricks that you probably never knew, but after reading this you will.

1. Fire has no shadow

Image Credits: Youtube

2. Chewing gum will prevent crying while chopping onions

Image Credits: Areal-Lifehousewife

3. Dairy Queen’s looking out for your hands

Image Credits: Instagram

That’s why the lid is so oddly shaped, to nest the cold bottom piece and protect your hand while enjoying your icy treat.

4. This deceiving display trickery

Image Credits: Instagram

5. The hands on iPhone’s clock actually move!

Image Credits: Reddit

6. Take out boxes become handy little plates

Image Credits: Instagram

7. A baby rabbit is another adorable iteration of a kitten

Image Credits: Oxford Dictionaries

8. This cup of LIES

Image Credits: Instagram

9. This in-plain-sight secret

Image Credits: Instagram

10. This genius engineering

Image Credits: Instagram

11. This casual swap

Image Credits: Instagram

12. You can easily bounce a battery to test its charge

Image Credits: Youtube


Image Credits: Scoopnest

14. Soda lid = perfect drip-catching saucer

Image Credits: Instagram

15. Good, fresh eggs should sink

Image Credits: Radacutlery

16. This handy little trick

Image Credits: Ned Hardy

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