Top 4 Ice Cube Beauty Secrets To Introduce In Your Daily Beauty Routine

You have indispensable makeup products and accessories, but sometimes you have a card up your sleeve that can do wonders?
Move toward your face an ice cube on simply sprinkle cold water to stimulate blood circulation from face area and also to delay wrinkle appearance.
But here are a few tricks you can try:

1. Fresh eyes

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Take a piece of sterile gauze, cut a small piece, go to the freezer and take an ice cube then fold the ice cube into the gauze. Then place the ice cube under the eyes area and over your eyelids to reduce dark circle under your eyes and puffy eyes in the morning.

2. Flawless complexion

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A good trick to close enlarged pores is to pass over your skin an ice cube before applying foundation. Ice reduces pores and can reduce facial edema, which can cause excess swelling of pore.

3. Homemade cosmetic treatment

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Prepare 200 ml of black tea, let it cool, then pour it in the ice tray and let it freeze. Use these cubes to relieve problems around eyes – caffeine contains antioxidants, caffeine and astringents. Moreover, you can put in the blender cucumber, mango or strawberries and a cup of water then put the mixture in the freezer after you’ve poured into the ice tray. At least once a week pass an ice cube over your face to exfoliate your skin.

4. Acne remedy

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Take an ice cube from the freezer and wrap it in a piece of sterile gauze and keep it pressed over pimples, which we all know they look very bad! Ice can reduce inflammation and also can dull the area a little bit, which sometimes can be painful.

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