Top 5 Trendy Haircuts In 2016 Which You Can Wear Proudly Even In 2017

If you want to change your look and you haven’t decided yet which haircut to choose we are here to help you. Choose from these stylish haircuts which ruled the tops on 2016 and it will still be fashionable even in 2017. Here are the main trends in hairstyles for 2016!

1. Short haircuts

Image Credits: Trendinghair

Short haircuts come back in trends this year, so if you want a dramatic change of look, now is time to take risks and make the big step for a trendy look. This short boyish haircuts, remembering us of the great 60’s and 70’s are back in trends.

2. Haircuts with straight bangs

Image Credits: Trendinghair

Bangs are also on top of 2016 trends, in different lengths, but perfectly straight. The result is geometric look therefore not everyone can enjoy such haircut. If you have well-defined jaw lines, avoid this haircut.

3. Perfectly straight haircuts without bangs

Image Credits: Trendinghair

If you want a brighter face you can choose, effortless, to wear a perfect straight bang-less haircut. Then, the only decision you’ll have to take is to part your hair.

4. Layered haircuts

Image Credits: Trendinghair

Thin hair and craving for volume? No matter the hair length you can wear proudly this haircut. And the best part is that they are perfect even for curly and wavy hair.

5. Long bob haircuts

Image Credits: Trendinghair

Many celebrities wear this kind of haircut, because it is very practical, looks good and fits almost all physiognomies. So, dear to wear this haircut in all shapes: asymmetrical, long bob or short bob.

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