10 Last Minute Hairstyles Perfect For On The Run Mornings

Even if you have snooze the alarm twice already and still fell asleep you don’t have to panic because you’ll have plenty of time to arrange your hair in a chic and fancy way.
Surely you won’t have time to wash your hair or do some sophisticated curls, but your look won’t be compromised. Even if your hair needs to be washed, these simple and quick hairstyles will hide a greasy hair which has lost his

Twisted or braided, very closely or loosely caught in a bun or pony tail, these hairstyles can be easily achieved in 5 minutes and can be a real relief when you are running out of time.

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1. This hairdo is perfect for grab your coat and go. Just comb your hair on the run then catch a few strands into a bun on top on your head. Ready for work? I think you are.

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2. A knotted bun is an easy to achieve hairdo on an average hair length. Section the hair into two equal parts and knot them once or twice, depending on your hair length. Catch the nod with bobby pins and leave the ends free.

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3. If you like to sleep with your hair braided in two braids then you will surely reduce your time every morning. All that you have to do is to make a knot with those braids and catch it with bobby pins or clips. This is one stylish hairdo and very easy to realize.

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4. A twisted ballerina bun is a hairstyle to wear at work. Catch your hair into a ponytail, then part it in two and twist them clockwise. Catch your ends with clips and the hairdo is ready.

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5. If your hair is very straight, this is the ideal hairstyle for you. Quick and simple: catch your hair into one side loose ponytail then wrap with a hair strand the elastic to hide it. You’ll get this way, effortless, a movie star hairdo.

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6. Only 3 minutes and you’ll get the perfect loose and messy bun perfect for unwashed hair.
Spray dry shampoo over it to give some texture to your hair before twisting it. Catch some clips then tease some strands for a messy look.

Image Credits: Ilovesensus

7. This hairstyle looks pretty complicated, but the reality is that only in 5 minutes you’ll get the job done. Simply divide your hair into two sections and twist it backwards catching it from place to place with bobby pins.

Image Credits: Womanparadise

8. A low ponytail seems too boring? Then try this interesting version more – catch the tail from place to place, at equal distances with some thin elastic to get a catwalk look.

Image Credits: Collagevintage

9. You’ve washed your hair and don’t have time to dry it? No problem! Apply a wet look gel and twist your hair into a bun. For an even more neatly look, you can use some ornamental hairpins.

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10. Or simply and easy just braid your hair into one side tail. Let it loose from behind a little bit for a non-conformist look.

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