Top 10 Make-up Video Tutorials For Women Over 50

The famous British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham said in an interview that: “I absolutely hate the words anti-ageing. There isn’t really anything anti about ageing; we enter in and out of beauty phases all through our lives and being older is one of them. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t, or shouldn’t, be interested in maintaining our beauty as we get older.” And she is absolutely right! We shall follow these words of wisdom by taking care properly of our beauty. So, the following makeup video tutorials are very informative and perfect for any event.

1. Define Your Eyes and Lips

This video tutorial is pretty good and very informative. At certain age, the eyes and lips get smaller and in the bellow video tutorial you’ll find out how to define them.

Video tutorial:

2. Apply A Natural Makeup

For an every day makeup, you don’t need a matte foundation or smokey eyes. Natural is the new beauty. So, in the following video tutorial you’ll learn how to apply a natural makeup even if your age is over 50.

Video tutorial:

3. Apply Makeup Right to Minimize Wrinkles

Well, wrinkles appear no matter what. But every fine line remembers you of beautiful moments of joy and laughter. But you can diminish wrinkles without using Botox or Hyaluronic Acid, just using the correct makeup tricks. In the following tutorial you’ll learn how to do it.

Video tutorial:

4. Foundation Routine for Mature Skin

Here is a nice tutorial which teaches us how to apply foundation on mature skin. The steps are very easy and you can try it, too.

Video tutorial:

5. Glowing Aging Skin

The model used in this video tutorial is absolutely gorgeous. It’s obvious that she was a gorgeous lady and she kept her beauty over time. In this makeup tutorial you’ll learn to apply makeup and foundation properly to light up your skin.

Video tutorial:

6. Make Up Tutorial From A to Z

The woman used as a model is beautiful with and without makeup. After apply the foundation, eye shadow and eyelashes she is absolutely stunning. See the step-by-step makeup tricks in the below video.

Video tutorial:

7. Mature Makeup For Events

If you have to attend a party or a wedding for example, in the below tutorial you have all the information you need to hide some wrinkles and to highlight your beautiful mature eyes.

Video tutorial:

8. Top 5 Makeup Tips For Mature Ladies Makeup

I can confirm that are the best tips for over 50’s makeup, starting with the products you should use and different techniques to apply makeup on aging skin.

Video tutorial:

9. Looking Fabulous With These 5 Products

You are on the run and the your number one rule is never leave the house “ugly”? In this video tutorial you’ll find how to apply makeup fast and which beauty products shouldn’t miss from your beauty tray.

Video tutorial:

10. Look Fabulous Forever

These beautiful ladies are very lovely and you’ll see how they start glowing slowly by the end of the video. All the colors correctly used wipe some years out of their faces.

Video tutorial:

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