Top 10 Medium Length Haircuts Video Tutorials For Older Women

Medium length is the perfect hair length for middle aged women. These haircuts are perfect because they are long enough to be considered stylish and short enough not to look like a 25 year old. You just can’t go wrong with a haircut with a few inches below your chin. Not to mention that a medium length haircut it’s perfect for any age and hair texture.

1. Hairstyles For Older Women

This year the new hairstyle trend is the haircut that fits you best. So, medium length haircuts are best for any fashionable lady. In the below video tutorial you’ll find all sort of beautiful hairstyles perfect for medium hair length.

Video tutorial:

2. Cuts And Style Trends

These haircuts are perfect for all mature women who want to hide their forehead wrinkles with a bang. And today’s trend for mature ladies is vibrant and fresh and what’s more suitable than the perfect hair length.

Video tutorial:

3. Style Bangs For Women Over 50

In the below video tutorial you’ll find some tricks to stylish up your bangs if you are over 50. Because the old tricks might trick you!

Video tutorial:

4. Perfect Medium Length Hairstyle

Who said that if you age is over 50 you have ti cut your hair short? It’s just a myth. You can wear your any haircut as long as you have a neat hair. Take a look at this video tutorial and stylish up your hair.

Video tutorial:

5. How to Wear Shoulder Length Hair Over 50

In the next video you’ll find out how to wear a shoulder length haircut without looking older. And there are so many ways to do that. Stop cutting your hair short.

Video tutorial:

6. The Benefits Of A Bob Cut For Older Women

Well, there must be some do’s and don’t’s when it comes to hair trends. But I never heard about a “don’t” for a Bob haircut. Watch out the next video.

Video tutorial:

7. Middle Aged Women And Medium Hair

In the following video there are plenty of haircuts perfect for women in their early 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Try one of them to light up your face and to look a bit younger than you really are.

Video tutorial:

8. Hairstyle For The Second Youth

Many women consider their middle age as the second youth when they can enjoy their life’s to the fullest and do more stupid things. So, adopt a crazy medium length haircut and wear it wisely.

Video tutorial:

9. Medium Hair Styles for Mature Women

Inspire yourself from the below video and choose a haircut that fits you best. It doesn’t mean that if you reached your second youth you must cut your hair. Dare and keep a shoulder length to look fresh and blooming.

Video tutorial:

10. Granny Style

Adopt your grandma style…or simple your mama’s style. Looking back in the 30’s and 40’s all ladies were very coquette and worn all tricky chic hairstyles. We shall learn from our grandma’s style because it’s back in fashion.

Video tutorial:

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