10 Best Hair Color Trends For Mature Women In 2017

We all know the image of big fashion houses, Iris Apfel, the bold 95 year old woman who blew out every myth about age and fashion. She dares to wear bold colors and is one of the oldest fashionista worldwide. Why not, we all dare to copy a bit her style, spreading joy and smiles all over the place. Because beauty comes from the inside and it’s definitely seen on the outside.

1. Silver Blue Hair

Image Credits: Omgcolors

Who said that if you are mature you can’t be bold and wear blue strands on silver hair. The above lady looks impeccable and the hair color highlights her skin. And the haircut it’s so minimalist.

2. Eveline Hall Grey-Pink Ombre Hair

Image Credits: Omgcolors

This actress is a true inspiration for women all over the world. I bet that in everyone’s soul a bit of crazy exists and we are afraid to wake it up. And when you do, this is one of the result.

3. Beatrix Ost Lilac Hair

Image Credits: Omgcolors

These lilac strands look wow on Beatrix hair. Even is she’s 76 year old, she dares to wear bold color hair and the result is absolutely gorgeous.

4. Baddiewinkle Grey Hair with Blue Streaks

Image Credits: Omgcolors

Beauty has no limits for her! And she is absolutely right. Because grey and blue go perfectly together she decided to wear it with confidence.

5. Vivienne Westwood Orange Hair

Image Credits: Omgcolors

Some of us, for example Irish people, are born orange. And they are a brave people after all. So, why not spread boldness around by dyeing your hair completely orange.

6. Peacock Strands

Image Credits: Pinterest

Al of these colors mixed in such way look fabulous. And blue looks amazing even on black. The color palette is great. All that you need is to have the guts to wear it in your hair.

7. Green Roots

Image Credits: Pinterest

Ask your hairdresser to change your look completely and dye your roots green. These ombre done with grey and green looks bold enough to me.

8. Electric Blue Roots

Image Credits: Pinterest

Or, try electric blue on your roots to spread craziness around. I super like this colored ombre. Guess what? It’s on my list.

9. Golden Rose Hair Color

Image Credits: Pinterest

This amalgam of colors are absolutely stunning. They are perfect for light skin, especially for blondes. Dare to wear these super color no matter the age you have.

10. Black And White

Image Credits: Pinterest

Simple ombre with black and white (grey) is perfect. Nothing colorful here but the combination is amazing. In 2017 if you feel inspired, go simple.

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