Top 3 Trendy Haircuts For 2017. Pick The One You Crave For

If you want to change your look just choose one of the trendy haircuts this year! In 2017, there are three main styles when we talk about haircuts – short haircuts, haircuts with bangs and perfectly straight.
It’s time to quit your old bob haircut or fringe haircuts and adopt a new and current look.

1. Haircuts With Bangs

Image Credits: Marieclaire

Most women, sooner or later choose a haircut with bangs. And 2017 is the perfect year when you should opt for this haircut. Long bangs are back in trends, so you have nothing to lose.
Inspire yourself from famous fashion houses stylists and dare to wear bangs just like you’ve dreamed.

2. Perfectly Straight Haircuts

Image Credits: Instagram

Fringe haircuts are so last year! If you have medium or long hair, and you’re not so bold for a dramatic look, choose a perfect straight haircut. Then style it simple with a middle parting, and automatically you’ll be trendy!

3. Short Hair – The Hottest Trend In 2017

Image Credits: Beautybay

If, until now you haven’t dared to make the big step towards a short haircut, now’s the time! In 2017, pixie haircuts are one of the hottest trends of the moment, just like very short boyish haircuts are back in fashion.
And if you have curly or wavy hair and you’re afraid to opt for a short haircut, even take a look over Chanel and Nina Ricci suggestions – you’ll find that short haircuts aren’t just for women with straight hair!

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