Top 10 Delicious Soup Recipes Perfect for Weight Loss

Decided that it’s time to get rid of those extra pounds you’ve gain after winter holidays? Well, I’m in the same situation because I gathered some extra pounds after all that fatty, but tasty, food! And I searched all over internet for some recipes to lose weight. Soup is an important dish in our daily diet, but it’s even better to introduce a low carbs soup in your diet. So, if you are in my situation and want to lose some extra pounds, look over these delicious low carbs soup recipes.

1. Japanese Clear Onion Soup

This is a delicious and easy to make soup. Very low in carbs and very healthy and nutritious. Get recipe!

2. Ginger-Carrot Soup

This rich in vitamins carrot soup it’s great for detox with a high tasty level. Get recipe!

3. Vegetable Soup

This veggie explosion soup it’s our health charm. Just imagine how many vitamins are in there and the very low calorie percentage. Get recipe!

4. Stew Soup

This weight loss soup is just for dieting. Of course, you can introduce it into your daily diet, but it may not be so tasty to eat it daily. But once a week it’s perfect! Get recipe!

5. Lemon Chicken Quinoa Soup

Who would have thought a little quinoa and lemon would have brought chicken soup to a whole new level, Delicious and Refreshing at the same time. Get recipe!

6. Chicken Sweet Potato And Kale Soup

Looks tasty to me and my eyes say YES PLEASE! Regarding its low calorie level and sweet potatoes benefits, I’m definitely making it. Get recipe!

7.Magic Weight Loss Soup Recipe

This soup is very flexible and it has all that you need to burn body fat and to feel full until the next meal. Get recipe!

8. Burn Fat With Veggie Soup

We all know that veggies and water help you in burning fat. It’s indicated to eat this soup as much as you can, every time you are hungry for visible results. Get recipe!

9. Tomato Spinach Soup

Flush the fat away! This soup has the main ingredients for a healthy meal with a low level of carbs and calories. So, is perfect to be introduced in your weight loss diet. Get recipe!

10. Taco Soup

The most delicious taco soup I’ve ever eaten! Ready in 35 minutes, this soup is the ideal meal when you’re dieting. Eat it every time you’re hungry. Get recipe!

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