Top 12 Cheapest Travel Destinations Perfect For Each Month Of 2017

If you want to travel on a budget you should learn from experienced travelers. First you have to plan your trip earlier and to book a flight ticket in the middle of the week, because on Tuesday and Wednesday the flights are cheaper. Another important thing is to choose wisely your destination, and below we give you some travel destination ideas on a budget, perfect for every month.

You have to consider the period when the hotels are cheaper and to book a ticket in advance to enjoy your holiday destination.

1. January: United Arab Emirates

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Spend a lovely January in the UAE, a rich state, especially from the architectural point of view. To travel to this destination on a budget, January is the best month. Not to mention that the sale period starts in January if you have a shopping vacation on your mind.

2. February: Thailand

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Thailand offers us beautiful beaches, mesmerizing mountain landscapes and natural mystical phenomena, being one of the cheapest holiday destinations. And the best travel deals are found in February.

3. March: Singapore

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If you are planning a long-distance trip, the next destination you should choose must be Singapore, a place of strong and amazing contrasts. The best accommodation offers can be found in March.

4. April: Sweden

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Sweden is a country rich in forests, lakes and valleys, becoming a magnet for nature lovers. April is the perfect month when you can see the end of Scandinavian winter and the coming of a stunning season with bearable temperatures. Also during this period the prices for flights and accommodation become “bearable”.

5. May: Czech Republic

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If you want to visit the Czech Republic and find more about its ancient history, May is the best time to take full advantage of the reduced air fights and accommodation.

6. June: Austria

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Austria is the perfect destination for outdoor activities lovers. Whether it’s about cycling, skiing, hiking or climbing, this country has it all. A trip in June helps you get all the natural resources of this beautiful country, on a budget.

7. July: Denmark

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Denmark is a magnificent destination waiting to be discovered in July. A walk along its beaches will remain forever in your mind. For an economic trip, you can try to book your flight early.

8. August: Ireland

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Ireland has vibrant cities, a rich culture and breathtaking natural landscapes. If you want to choose this holiday destination for 2017, schedule your trip in August.

9. September: Croatia

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Located on the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, there is no other suitable destination for a tropical bath in Europe than Croatia. September is the perfect match between warm weather and low prices.

10. October: Portugal

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Portugal offers a charming clear sky throughout the year. It’s not surprising that the number of tourists is growing every year. Buy your tickets now and set your vacation days in October.

11. November: South Africa

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South Africa is a truly unique destination. When the summer sun begins to decrease its intensity in November, tourists begin to move toward areas with breathtaking landscapes. Cape Town was recently named the cheapest destination. And November is the best time to reach this destination.

12. December: Vietnam

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December is the perfect month to visit Vietnam. Flight tickets are very low, rain begins to stop, as well as the stifling heat. Book your ticket early and catch a flight to Paradise!

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