8 Natural And Healthy Coffee Substitutes To Start Your Day With Energy

Everyone knows that you can replace coffee with caffeine or fizzy drinks containing taurine, but they are not healthy. Besides the well known options as dark chocolate, peanuts, green tea or water with lemon and mint, below are eight creative alternatives to replace coffee daily.

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Licorice tea – even if you didn’t like licorice sweets when you were a child, now you’ll appreciate the benefits of sweet tea and a little “spicy” licorice. This bold drink doesn’t contain caffeine, but it helps the body to defuse. You can drink it as a tea or tincture, because it’s a tonic that gives you energy.

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Wheat germ juice – This juice is known as an energizing shot of vitamins, minerals and essential ingredients for humans. Most of us don’t like the taste, but can be used in combination with other juices. It’s easily digested and quickly assimilated by the body. You asked for a boost of energy, right?

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Siberian Ginseng Tea – This tea is made from slightly bitter ginseng root, and if you can’t drink it plain, you can sweeten it with a dash of honey. Tea is meant to stimulate your concentration and can be long term used.

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Miraculous Reishi mushroom tea – You may have eaten mushrooms before, but I think you never used it as tea. This tea is an alternative to coffee and is native from China.

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Chai – It’s a drink well-known in India and is made from black tea, milk and a variety of spices like cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg.

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Pomegranate juice – pomegranate looks good and has a sweet-sour taste, perfect to help your brain to wake up a little bit. The best of this juice is that it goes perfectly together with other fruits for a rich in vitamins smoothie, such as: soy milk, banana, spirulina, berries and yogurt.

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Shake with flax seeds – Adding flax seed or flax seed oil to any shake you drink, you’ll start your day with energy! For a refreshing drink, rich in fiber, mix some flax seeds with yogurt, soy milk, ice and fruits of your choice.

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Plum juice – This refreshing and thick juice, can be diluted with water or apple juice because it helps to regulate the electrolytes level in the body, which in turn leads to increased resistance.

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