Top 10 Backyard Swing Projects To Enjoy Your Summer Nights

Winter didn’t settle down in every state! So, you can still take advantage of the long summer days even in December. If you are planning in decorating your backyard, or simply just planning to decorate it this summer, take a look over these diy porch swing projects. These swings are simply a piece of heaven to relax and enjoy your day! And the best of these projects is that they are easy to make too.

1. Swinging Bed Made With a Recycled Trampoline

This swinging bed looks exactly like an Indian tent…only hanging! If you want one in your backyard see full tutorial HERE.

2. Pallet Swinging Bed

This looks like the most cozy swinging bed ever! Oh, it’s perfect to spend your summer nights there! Get tutorial HERE.

3. Summer Back Porch Headboard Swing

This swinging headboard it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon, to read your favorite book. Whole project HERE.

4. Paracord Laced Pallet, Hanging Chair

I’m just imagining how I’ll sit in this lace chair and how I’ll fight with my husband on it! HiHi! Can’t wait to suggest him to start this project. Whole project HERE.

5. Oh My Swinging

That’s such an easy project! And looks very fun, too. Grab your old grandma’s chair and make the a creative swing! Whole tutorial HERE.

6. Swinging Bench

The most perfect bench you can have in your backyard! I bet you’re daughter will enjoy swinging or playing HERE.

7. DIY Porch Swing

All summer long I gather with my family and serve dinner on the porch. And after eating a delicious meal, this looks like the perfect place to rest a bit! Whole tutorial HERE.

8. Wooden Horse Swing

Married with kids? Than you must have such swing in your backyard. Your kids will enjoy it! More information HERE.

9. Hammock Swing Tutorial

Have your own lil’ hammock in your backyard! It’s perfect to hide sometimes in your cozy corner! Whole tutorial HERE.

10. Reclaimed Pallet Wood Porch Swing

This looks more like a pallet swing lounge! It’s so big and very spacious. I would love one in my yard! Get tutorial HERE.

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