10 Unique Gardening Tips For Easy Gardening

You think it’s difficult to owe a garden? That you’ll have to work all day long in the garden? Well, that’s not necessary true. You can have a beautiful garden effortless and after following these tips I bet you’ll enjoy gardening.

Gardening can be easy but also annoying, because you’ll have a lot of challenges, but with the right tricks, gardening will be a piece of cake.

How to grow roses

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Roses are perhaps the most beautiful and noble flowers that every woman wants to have in their garden, but propagation by cuttings can be a complicated task. The trick is to use potatoes to propagate roses.
Cut a piece of 23 cm of roses that you want to plant. Insert the tip of a cutting into a potato and plant it in the ground, so that two thirds to be buried. The sap of the potato will help roses to form roses.

Newspaper Seedlings

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Make pots for seedlings from newspapers.

Grow Wheat

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Grow wheat in your house. You can consume it in two different ways: either as wheat germ or wheat juice made from its leaves.

Rose Cuttings And Plastic Bottles

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Grow roses in plastic bottles. And you can use this option for roses propagation, beside the one presented above.

Collect Rainwater

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Collect rainwater to water the garden. Build a basin and collect rain water then use it in watering your crops.

Grow Seedlings Using Plastic Bottles

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Protect seedlings using plastic bottles, so that they will stick to the ground.

Protect Your Crops From Pests

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Plastic forks stuck in the ground among vegetables would protect your crops against uninvited guests, such as cats or snails.

Potted Eggshells

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Egg shells can be used as pots for growing seedlings.

Homemade Compost

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Have you thought to put eggshells and coffee near your plants so that they get rich in minerals?

Grow Potatoes

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Grow potatoes in barrels.

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