How To Take Proper Care Of Your Lawn In Winter. Useful Advice And Solutions

Although is winter, this doesn’t mean that you have to stay in your house and ignore completely your beautiful garden. Your lawn needs proper care even in the cold winter months. Here’s what you have to do in winter so you can have a beautiful lawn in spring.

1. Continue to Trim your Lawn

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If the temperatures are high, and the lawn isn’t under snow, the grass will continue to grow. So you need to trim regular the lawn, as before. The lawn should be trimmed until it starts snowing and frosting when the growth process stops.

2. Clean its Leaves

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Remove dead leaves fallen on lawn using a rake. Keep them to make compost and use it next year in the vegetable garden.

3. Protect it From Pests

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This time of year, the lawn can be attacked by insect’s larvae Tipula paludosa. They are under the soil and feed with grass roots. You will realize their attack when you’ll see some of the lawn parts destroyed, where grass gets a brown color. Larvae can be found by digging a few inches into the soil. To combat them you have to use special pesticides that you can find in the plant shops.

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