Whole House Reverse Osmosis System – The Most Crucial Buyer’s Guide

A whole house reverse osmosis system is a crucial tool to have nowadays. Considering the different pollutants, it is important to have the certainty this filter can offer. You could feel safe and you can keep your family healthy. However, not many of us really know what exactly a whole house reverse osmosis system does. But this is why I am writing this article, to offer you more insight about this important filter you should have had in your house a long time ago. Let’s see what can we learn about it and which are the best filters you can purchase on the nowadays market. But first, we need to know what are we looking for so we could make the best decision from a buyer standpoint.

First off: What is a Whole House Reverse Osmosis System?

A whole house reverse osmosis system is shortly a filter. This filter will be connected to the main water line that is entering in your house. This way, the entire water dispensers in your house, such as showers, faucets, toilets, kitchen, baths, laundry, will be able to dispense treated water. It is also important to know that typically, the whole house reverse osmosis system will be connected to the main water line before it splits into the hot water heater. However, even if you are a customer who is looking to purify the water from your sprinklers, this may be a little bit more challenging as the main water line coming from the city system often splits off into a “house” water line and a “yard” water line in the house’s foundation slab or at the street level before the house. Thus, you need to consult your home’s blueprint before, so you could have the best perspective of where you should install your whole house reverse osmosis system for further details.

Reverse osmosis equipment is a well-known type of filtration system for its ability to purify water. If you want to have a clean, healthy water at your home, you probably tried to purchase a reverse osmosis system for your family. There are a few important things about reverse osmosis that you should know and be aware because it is just the right choice for home purification system for drinking water.

The reverse osmosis water is forced to pass in one direction through a thin membrane semi-permeable and again in the opposite direction, thereby filtering contaminants.

Whole house reverse osmosis system is one of the best filters to remove impurities from water, making it great for use in industrial, commercial, or your house purposes.

Reverse osmosis hyperfiltration used to remove bacteria and other contaminants, it is applied to the membrane osmotic pressure which results in a purified water.

There is nothing wrong with the system used in the reverse osmosis water purification needed for various purposes. Is a water filtration device extremely effective – even too efficient – at least when it comes to drinking water, and I would like to explain why you should be interested in this aspect.

Reverse osmosis system requires a certain pressure to operate. This being said, the water is forced through the filters to obtain good results, and also is a very slow process. It can take a whole day to get 200 liters of water purified by reverse osmosis, but it will be totally worth it purified water.

How exactly a whole house reverse osmosis system works?

The special structure of the semi-permeable membrane, similar in properties to the membrane of a living cell, it is able to purify drinking water of harmful impurities, including viruses and nitrates. The membrane can be thought of as having small pores is 200 times smaller than viruses, and 4000 times smaller than bacteria. Water filters for domestic use provided with the principle of reverse osmosis membrane harness the body’s metabolism at the cellular level. Only molecules of a certain size can penetrate the cell membrane.

The reverse osmosis is a 5-stage filter unit which works as follows. The filter holder is connected to the cold water supply through the adapter and the valve. The red tube carrying water supply valve to the connection of the filter housing. The water then passes through the pre-filter cartridges. They are designed to capture particulate matter (for example rust, sand, sludge, etc.) and organic chlorine, residual chlorine. After the pretreating step, the water enters the fourth stage (the most important): reverse osmosis membrane protected by a special cover. The entry into the membrane shell is connected to the third connection of the filter housing through the feed side of the self-closing valve (4-way valve mounted on the upper housing part filters). One of the two outputs provides purified water (permeate) and the other, water with impurities (concentrated). The membrane purified water at the molecular level by passing through the pores only water molecules and molecules of dissolved oxygen.

You will also need to be aware of the contaminants so you could know what you are fighting against.

There are many types of common contaminants

Sediment contaminants which refers those particles that are visible in the water. These need to be seriously strained out of rust, dirt, sand and dust. Thus, you need a very performant osmosis system so it could filtrate these sediments.

Chemicals contaminants are also very dangerous and they can be eliminated by installing a carbon filtration. Thus this is another thing to consider when you are thinking of purchasing a whole house reverse osmosis system.

Iron contaminants are also present in water supplies, mostly in 2 types such as ferrous iron which is dissolved or clear water iron and ferric iron which is rusty or red water iron. Both are incredibly dangerous factors affecting your life through you water supply so you can see the necessity of a whole house reverse osmosis system.

What to look for in a whole house reverse osmosis system:

1. The flow rate which will determine the amount of water available to run for your toilet, shower, dishwasher, hot water heater, etc. Thus, you should make sure to look at the demand ratings that are printed on your appliances. Depending on the size of your house, the flow rate should range between 15 – 40 gpm. Thus, a whole house reverse osmosis system with a flow rate that is less than 10gpm is not enough, because it is unacceptable to maintain a comfortable, uninterrupted water pressure.

2 The filter size should be as larger as possible. This way, your service interval will also be longer and the flow will be better and with greater pressure.

3. The filter life should also vary according to the quality and quantity sediment. The carbon filters cartridges should have a long lifespan and should last longer if you also have a regular backwashing cycle.

4. The port size on a whole house reverse osmosis system should be ideally of 1″. Using this size for the ported system, you will be able to carry enough water so that pressure will be virtually non-existent.

Now, after considering all this information, let’s check out which is the best whole house reverse osmosis system for you. These are the options I think are worthy of your considerations.

1. iSpring RCS5T 500 GPD Commercial Grade Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System w/ 1:1 Drain Ratio

The iSpring whole house reverse osmosis water filtration system is engineered specially to meet your needs of a healthy environment, making it the best choice when it comes to your home, looking for a supply with purified water. With the help of this reverse osmosis, your water will get up to 500 gallons purified per day. I think this is a great pace for you because it will function as a tankless system and it will not affect convenience nor functionality. The centerpiece and the most important part of this system is the membrane, a patented side-flow RO which receives the water from the house both sides. It also gets fueled with a pump of high power booster. Thus, the water pressure is higher to the side-flow membrane. This results in a faster production and less drain water being rejected. I think these factors are really achieving the exceptional pure water ratio for your house. You should look into this products and see all the specific, you will not be disapointed.

2. APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ESSENCE ROES-50)

With this ultra safe reverse osmosis water filter system from APEC, you would get top tier purified water. This brand praises a great tasting, clean and ultra fresh water right in the comfort of your home. So you will definitely get the best quality water to make a delicious coffee, to cook a perfect meal, to prepare a tasty tea and save money and time altogether. You will also forget about the hassle of buying bottled water which is taking so much from your budget. You can definitely live healthier and in a safe environment. This whole house reverse osmosis system is also affordable and you will get rid of 99% of all contaminants such as odor, chlorine, lead, taste, toxic fluoride, arsenic, and chromium. With the help of this productive and effcient filter system you will have a trouble-free and high quality drinking water for many years to come!

3. Hydro-Logic 31040 200-GPD Stealth-RO200 Reverse Osmosis Filter

This is an excellent reverse osmosis water purification system that produces all the water you need for your home, for your kitchen and cooking water. The only downside is that it does not come with a storage tank reservoir to make the system usable and practical. This is why you should consider installing a two gallon reservoir tank with a air pressure bladder to make it even more useful. Without the tank reservoir filling a glass of water would take about 2 minutes whereas with a reservoir bladder, filling a glass of water take about 5 to 10 seconds. If a tank reservoir is installed be sure to install an in line one way valve to the supply line to prevent back flow into the R/O system. It will remove 98-Percent of contaminants, it can get up to 200-gallon per day and it is coming with an automatic shut-off cartridge. Check it out and let me know, I am sure you will find it to be another high quality product from Hydro-Logic.

4. Express Water Whole House Water Filter System GAC Carbon Sediment 3 Stage Filtration 4.5″ x 20″ Inch

This whole house reverse osmosis water system will provide a complete solution for all your water supply. let’s see which are most of these solutions: chlorine free water for your plants (indoor and outdoors), for your flowers, a drinking water of high quality, an excellent water for soups, tea, coffee, ice cubes which means that you will get unlimited delicious and healthy water for cooking, odor free, protection for your family when it comes to exposure of unpleasant chlorine and chemicals, odors at every outlet, a healthier skin and hair. You will also be excited to know that it is quite low maintenance because it features a high absorption quality. It has a great technology and you will not have to change your filters very often. Also, this is a great whole house osmosis system because your appliances will be protected. It will improve your efficiency, lifespan and durability of your appliances, saving you money and energy. Not to mention, your pets will also be healthier and happier due to the dechlorinate drinking water. Some of the system components include a pressure gauge that is very easy to use, offers great water pressure and it will work at maximum capacity without decreasing the incoming water pressure. It also has a freat feature that consists of a pressure release indication button so it should get even easier to change and replace your cartridge. Express water sounds really straightforward, isn’t it? Well, I think you will find it to be a great brand for your choice.

5. Aqua-Pure AP1610SS Filter with Stainless Steel Housing for Whole House Dirt and Rust Removal System

And we have come to my favorite and lovely filter. I really love this one. It is very easy to install, for example, I have put a pressure gauge inline before and after the filter. This was made with the purpose of showing any degradation of water pressure that might happen. Let me tell you that this filter has made our water even smell better, it really taste better, and I no longer have the orange ring around the drain and all over my shower. What I thought was orange rust in my well water turned out to be magnesium. I wish I would have installed this filter years ago. I no longer have to scrub the shower once a week or haul in drinking water. My water is now better than the drinking water I was buying in bottles. The interior of the stainless steel top looks like a polished piston head rendered in gleaming solid stainless steel. It is really outstanding the price of this filter, even if it is more expensive than the polypropylene plastic, this will definitely last forever and will likely outlast even the house. If you’re trying to reduce the amount of plastic chemicals you drink, this is one of the best whole house reverse osmosis system. It is very durable, it withstands higher temperatures, and is healthier.

As a conclusion, these are just some of the best whole house reverse osmosis filters I have come across in my research and based on my experience. I am really curious to find out about yours, to see what exactly is the brand that satisfy you the most. Let me a comment in the section down below and tell me what works for you to make sure the list is complete and everybody gets access to the best information regarding this water filter. Thank you!

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