Engine Stand Will Only Stand For Excellence With This Buyer’s Guide

When you are thinking about repairing your car, the most important tool you need is an engine stand. The reasons are quite obvious, I would say. For instance, this engine stand will be able to hold your car engine for a long time. It will also offer you the chance to instantly access your engine block in any positions you need to maneuver it. Thus, you will need to look out for a precise engine stand that could allow you engine rotations. With this important feature, any engine stand will be worth your while and it will make your task even easier to operate when you see fit.

Thus, as I said, an engine stand is mostly a tool that is used to repair diesel engines or large heavy gasoline. How exactly an engine stand works? Well, it uses a support structure based on a heavy cantilevered feature in order to hold the engine in midair. This way, you or your mechanic will have complete access to everything, especially the exposed surface of the engine.

Of course, some small single-piston engines could easily be laid on the table and you could repair it comfortably. However, when it comes to larger engines, you need a tool to support it from its flywheel transmission case mount of from its engine mounts. If you do not repair your engine with the help of a tool, any fragile components such as valve covers or oil pans could get crushed the moment you place the engine on a flat surface.

Typically, the engine stands are seated on large casters. This is meant to protect the engine so that you can move freely around your car. This will give you freedom to do any kind of tests or repairs. You could also rotate your engine in midair to have even more access to the surfaces of the lower side of the engine. For you to have optimal results, you should use your engine stand in combination with an engine crane. This way you could install or remove the engine into the vehicle, you could perform even more complicated repairs or you could break in that engine.

However, do not get out and buy your engine stand just yet. There is more information you should know about it and I would like to start with the most important question. How do you know you engine stand you are planning to buy is the best? Well, this guide is coming to support you, the buyer. So make sure to stay informed and to be more considerate of what you are buying. Careless buying of an engine stand will lead to disastrous consequences and you will end up paying more rather than fix anything. Thus, make sure to find the best flexibility for you and your car because you are both getting into the process.

An engine stand can hold many other features, hence, it can be used for different purposes. Thus, I would like to present you the engine test stand, the engine storage stand and the rotating engine stand.

The engine test stand

With the help of an engine test stand you could be able to characterize, develop, and test engines. This facility is, most of the times, offered as a product to automotive OEMs. It allows you to operate your engine in different operating regimes and it also offers you a different measurement to see the physical variables that are associated with the engine operation.

A sophisticated engine test stand has incorporated more transducers, sensors, actuators and data acquisition features in order to control the engine state. These transducers will be able to offer you the measurements of the variables you are interested in, namely:

– angular velocity and crankshaft torque
– measurement methods are used for fuel consumption rates, intake air and these are detected using volumetric or gravimetric scales
– the air-fuel ratio for the intake mixture often detected using an exhaust gas oxygen sensor
– environment pollutant concentrations in the exhaust gas such as carbon monoxide, different configurations of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide
– temperatures and gas pressures at several locations on the engine body such as spark plug temperature, engine oil temperature, intake manifold pressure, exhaust gas temperature
– atmospheric conditions such as humidty, temperature, pressure.

Most of the information that you could gather with the help of these sensors is getting logged and processed into data acquisition systems. These actuators will allow for achieving the wanted engine state (most of the times described as a unique combination of engine speed and torque). In the case of gasoline engines, these actuators could also include an intake throttle actuator, which is a loading device such as an induction motor for the engine.

These engine test stands are coming in a package that is custom made according to the customer’s requirements. They could also incorporate a feedback control system that is based on a microcontroller which could have the following features:

– a closed-loop desired speed operation (useful towards characterization of steady-state or transient engine performance)
– closed-loop desired torque operation (useful towards emulation of in-vehicle, on-road scenarios, thereby enabling an alternate way of characterization of steady-state or transient engine performance).

The engine storage stand

Engine transport inside the car is always a problem. Gasoline may leak from the carburetor, especially in the case of two-stroke engines. Sometimes, there is going to flow a drop of oil to escape which we really do not want. If the engine is 4 stroke and it sits on the wrong side, you know what happens. Thus, we need to avoid these kinds of situations. So an engine storage stand that can be used to transport and storage if it is placed on its side, is always a good choice. So you should look out for this too.

The rotating engine stand

We’ve all heard of a rotary engine stand, but have you ever wondered where its name came from and how does it work?Designed for mounting engines, transmissions, or other components by using the universal mounting plate or a mounting plate designed specifically for the application. The component may be rotated 360 degrees by using the crank handle; the component may be raised by using the lifting jack to increase swing radius for clearance when rotating the component. Two front wheels and two rear casters provide mobility.

Now, let’s get into what I found to be the best engine stand yet. All the research is based on everything I said so far.

The best engine stand that should only stand for qualitative performance:

1. Torin T25671 Engine Stand – 1250 lb. Capacity

This is perfect for adding a drain pan under the engine. This engine stand is easy to assemble, it has a sturdy design which will prevent some tipping from happening, and it also has front swivel castors. You will notice that after you assemble this engine stand, it will allow you to easily move and position the engine because it has a 360 degree rotation. This allows you to mount your engine easily, getting help from the four adjustable arms. Those front swivel castors will allow you to move and position engine the way you see necessary. Considering also the capacity, I think this fits all the criteria for the best engine stand you could use right away with no problem assembling it.

2. Goplus 2000 lb Engine Stand Motor Hoist Auto Car Truck Automotive Folding Jack

This is a 2000 LB engine stand automotive performance from Goplus. The material from which it is made is steel, a heavy all steel construction. It also has a reinforced steel neck which will provide for you to have an ample strength and also will help you eliminate flexing when supporting an engine block up to 2000 lb. You could also prevent tipping with its wide base. However, it is a quite foldable engine stand which means that I can quickly fold up for convenient storage. If you are looking to get more maneuverability you will also get that from the rear swivel casters which will offer you a perfect 360-degree rotating mounting. This way, you will get an easy access to every part of your engine. And this is what we all want from an engine stand.

3. Performance Tool W41025 Engine Stand – 1,000 lb. Capacity

This is another performance tool engine stand perfectly designed to hold your engine blocks up to 1,000 lbs. it may not look very strong or high-quality but its performance still holds exceptionally. It has a feature of the stable 4-wheel design with a 360 degree rotating head and it is able to lock your engine in 6 positions. It also has an incredible sustainability and there is no chance of tipping. You also will have a sturdy metal parts tray that is included so you can hold your small items, bolts or nuts. Most of the customers are very impressed with this engine stand since it is so much better than any 3 legged harbor freight. Also, I think that the color yellow will look awesome in your garage.

4. JEGS Performance Products 80040 Engine Stand

With the right equipment you can do anything. However, you want it to be easy too, so your project will be comfortable to work at. This is where JEGS Heavy Duty Engine Cradles comes in. It will make worth your while because it will transport, store, and make working on your engine so much simpler. The cradles from the engine are made from 14 gauge, 1″ square tubing and they are powdercoated which will contribute enormously at corrosion and rust resistance. They can be easily disassemble for storage and free up the floor space from your garage. This engine stand also includes grade 5 fasteners which will give you extra durablity. All in all, I will only add that this is pretty amazing depending on how flexible you want to work on your engine.

5. Larin METS-1 Mobile Engine Testing Station

Larin is also offering its best engine test stand which will be extraordinaire for testing your engine, any leak detection, break-in if any, the assembly, demonstration or any work relating details. I honestly prefer this engine test stand because it allows you to even run your engine while you are actually working on it. Thus, this means you can a also dial it in and check performance before installing the block in your vehicle, which is a big plys. Larin is also great because it can save you so much time and labor. Before installing the engine, you can make modifications, you can tweak anything you see fit, you can test whatever you are working on and you could also repair any damage you are seeing. This also means that you will be able to actually enjoy your time working on your engine and satisfactory enjoy the results when you are puttin in the engine. I think we can both agree that it is very convenient and easy to access when you want to take care of any issues while the engine block is on this engine test stand, rather than under the hood. Larin Corporation is also renowed for its fully telescopic, adjustable, and portable on heavy-duty steel casters features. These features are the ones that will accommodate most any engine. With the stand you will also have temperature and oil pressure gauges and a tachometer included, along with a battery tray, console, and a one-gallon fuel tank. Isn’t this engine test stand perfect for your garage? It is quite like this for me!

6. Strongway Folding Engine Stand – 1,500-Lb. Capacity, Steel

This Strongway folding engine stand is mostly about functional convenience, so you should really consider this. The engine is featuring a sturdy, wide-base design in order to prevent any tipping under the load, and the front swivel casters will offer you access to position the engine exactly how you need it to be. The neck of this folding engine stand is reinforced in order to eliminate the flex, and its slotted adjustable saddle will allow you to have an easy and quick installation. Also, when you are finishing, this Strongway folding engine stand will easily fold so you can storage it in the corner for the next time you need it again. Thus, if you’re looking for an engine stand that is quite dependable and will take up minimal space, Strongway is another brand to go for. It is constructed of high-grade steel and it is built to fit exacting standards for durability and quality. It also has a finishing layer applied with lead-free paint after a thorough chemical wash in order to ensure a long-lasting finish and to help prevent rust. So it will last you a long time.

As a conclusion, an engine stand is a crucial tool for your car when you want to repair it. Moreover, this is also important because not only it can hold your engine much longer than any hydraulic hoists, but it can also allow to easily access the engine block from any different positions. You can easily move it from one place to another, so you will get the flexibility you really need. Here you have it, this article consists of a list of the best engine stands that will make your next engine repairs so much easier.

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