Pregnancy Body Pillow Can Be A Blessing If You Choose The Right One – Read This Guide

Any woman who has been pregnant knows that a pregnancy body pillow is a blessing.

Pregnant women, especially after the middle of the second trimester, suffer much because of abdominal distension and most affected is the sleep because simply can not find a comfortable position and everything seems excruciating. Pregnancy body pillow models are the balm to the wound because it helps support your back and tummy and offers extraordinary comfort for a pregnant woman.

A pregnancy body pillow is ideal for any pregnant women who suffer from sleep problems during pregnancy, muscle cramps, back pain and are specially designed to support correctly the pregnant woman’s body, providing a number of benefits.

I’m sure you, like me and thousands of other women, have problems during sleep in pregnancy, especially in the third quarter. That you are huge and have a big belly is not only difficult movements in bed, but can bring health problems.

A lot of pregnant women have trouble sleeping at night because they are experiencing uterine growth. As the child presses on the diaphragm strong, especially in the supine position, pregnant women often have breathing problems.

Vena cava may be pressured by the uterus, thus preventing proper blood flow to the legs. And when this happens, it is possibly the hypotension occur.

How a woman rests in pregnancy is essential. Not only to ensure their own comfort but also to avoid health problems, including pain. They appeared not so long ago some pillows for pregnant women in which advertising promotes restful sleep, healthy and without pain for pregnant women.

How to choose the best pregnancy body pillow for pregnant women?

An ideal pregnancy body pillow should be easy, but also keep their shape and not sag. The best pregnancy body pillow which has a removable layer have to be washed and is made of materials that allow good ventilation. Pregnant size pillows are such that it must restore the physical balance in the second and third quarters of pregnancy to support the abdomen, the woman lies on one side and allowing the support leg. Ideal are the ones you’ll use when you breastfeed your baby or after any caesarean, so their usefulness does not end after birth.

The shape or size of these pillows for pregnant women is not always the same: there is classic crescent cushions ideal for supporting the abdomen and very good for breastfeeding but does not support the feet, but there are other models, bigger, that could hold you from head to toe.

The fact is that these pregnancy body pillows give you more than restful sleep. However, the pillows for pregnant women also have “disadvantages”: they are addictive!

If you decide to buy a pregnancy body pillow and you’re sure to winding “textile forces” around you, it will help you sleep better, so read these few things before you buy.

What features should have a good pregnancy body pillow for pregnant women:

1. The material

Cushion material should not be irritating to the skin. Lots of cheap maternity pillows are made from materials that you have not put any dog to sit, let alone stay in contact with your skin all night. Pregnant pillows are big and bulky and require large amounts of material. Even if the shape is it recommended as ergonomic pregnant, you must not forget it takes you can connect it to your pillow, mind, and body. Eventually, the skin is the largest organ of the body and transmits the information to the brain. If you want to you can rest and relax, watch the material used.

2. The filling

Cushion load must be filled with a material to increase comfort during sleep. So choose a pillow that is filled with hypoallergenic materials and possibly as natural.

3. The shape

The shape and construction of cushion should fit your requirements. Some pillows are marketed are a single dimension and are unsuitable for high-woman or one petite. Simply, a pillow wrong size and shape will add new pain to those that you already used instead of them and improve old ones. As a form, you can find pillows that are for the whole body, or U or built in circles. Regardless of what type of pillow you choose, look for reviews on the internet about each and see if it suits you or not. Try to contact women who had such seats and find out if they have done more good or more harm.

A pregnancy body pillow has the following uses:

– it sustains the back, neck, spine, hips and legs pregnant during rest, allowing relaxation as easing back often becomes painful.
– Support tummy especially when it hampers finding a comfortable position in bed.
– Promotes good positioning of the fetus for birth and its correct blood supply
– Can be used either in front, under the belly or behind future mother body, which will be most on hand.
– Can be used after birth, so that the mother will feel comfortable in a sitting position, or help feed the baby.

Now you know what you need to purchase so you can get the help you need to find a comfortable sleeping position.


1. Contoured Body Pillow by Meiz – U Shaped – Full Support – Pregnancy Pillow – Side Sleeping – Maternity & Nursing Support Cushion – Cotton Pillow Cover – Blue&Pink

This uniquely designed pregnancy body pillow is great for mothers to be or those who suffer from abdomen pain when sleeping. It is specially designed to cradle your body and help you enjoy a restful and relaxing night’s sleep. This revolutionary full pregnancy body pillow has helped hundreds of pregnant women who suffer from aches and pains in the back, in the legs or knees when sleeping to get a better, natural nights sleep. This is why this pregnancy body pillow is great: it follows the natural shape of your whole body, the U-Shaped head section allows you to obtain comfortable upper body position and height, the extra-long midsection is perfect width for complete back or tummy support, the slightly curved end tucks snugly between knees as it conforms to body’s shape, keeping you cool and comfortable, it allows you to shift from side to side as recommended by obstetricians, it cradles your body for recommended side sleeping, it helps keep your hips and spine in a neutral position, it promotes better circulation and relaxation by lifting and cushioning areas you choose, it can actually relieve strain on stomach, back, shoulders, neck, hips and legs while sleeping, it can help you with your baby while breast-feeding and it can also offer you a great support for infants sitting up. I think this sounds heavenly, really!

2. PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow with Jersey Cover – The World’s Most Comfortable Maternity / Pregnancy Cushion – With Zipper – Full Contoured Snuggle Support System

PharMeDoc Total Pregnancy Body Pillow with Jersey Cover will be really comfortable throughout the night because the C-shape design provides the perfect balance between comfort and support for higher quality sleep and pain relief. Smooth cotton-poly blend and hypoallergenic pillowcase fights off allergens, ensuring a breathable night’s rest. Whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or just tired of using multiple pillows every night, the PharMeDoc full pregnancy body pillow has got you covered. We all know that total body pillows, sometimes referred to as maternity or pregnancy pillows, are a necessity for expecting mothers who need a boost getting comfy at night. Distinctive design helps ease back pain, alleviates muscle aches, aligns your spine and hips, and provides support for your tummy without sacrificing comfort.

3. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory

When you’re expecting you may notice you need as much support for your growing tummy as you do your aching back. Back ‘N Belly’s inner contours are designed to follow the natural curved shape of your body, no matter how you like to sleep. With its clever design there’s no need to reposition during the night. Simply turn from side to side and your body pillow is a custom fit. It really provides equal support for back and tummy at the same time. Reverse ends for a “double decker” head support. Elevates and aligns hips to help ensure a neutral position to relieve strain on joints. Cradle yourself in custom comfort all through out the night. Ships with pillowcase the already on pillow. The case can be removed for washing. Pregnant moms who struggle to find a comfortable position will love this pregnancy body pillow. Moms-to-be can sleep well and wake up without aches! The big, roughly U-shaped pillow has two contoured “legs” so you can sleep on your back or either side, tuck the end of the pillow between your knees, and elevate your head to ease heartburn. The Back N Belly also provides support for the back and belly at the same time. The pregnancy body pillow helps relieve carpal tunnel, sciatica, gastric reflux, and nasal congestion. The Back ‘N Belly is made of cozy, warm polyester and comes with a custom cover case which can be removed for washing. It can be used in positions not shown in the illustrations: Mothers of different sizes, shapes, and sleep preferences can experiment, as many have, to find just the right configuration.

4. Sleepy Folks – Premium Maternity Pregnancy Pillow, Therapeutic Support Pillow For Sleeping, Amazing U Pillow Remove to L Pillow, Incredible Full Body Bed Pillow Washable 100% Cotton Cover

The premium maternity pregnancy body pillow is very well packaged so there was no damage made to the pillow. The pillow is vacuum sealed in a very strong and durable plastic bag so you will need to have a pair scissors to open it up carefully. I opened up my pillow and let it sit for a while so it could fully expand and I also did a little bit of hand fluffing my own self. One thing that I was very pleased with is that there was no odor with the pillow when it was taken out of the package. This was a huge plus for me because I have ordered pillows in the past from other companies and when they were vacuum sealed and I had opened it there was an odor. This pillow is a must-have if you were pregnant or even if your hubby works night shift and you need something to snuggle up to. I want to say that this pillow offers you the support you need but is also soft. The pillow comes in a U-shaped but the company has at it I wonderful feature where you can unzip a portion of one of the sides that will make this pillow and L shape. This is totally awesome to me because I am using the L shape to snuggle up to and then the portion that I have unzipped I use that as a regular pillow for extra head support. I am the type of person who loves to have at least two pillows under my head. This pillow is hypo allergenic so you do not have to worry about sniffling and sneezing and when you’re using this pillow which we all know when we are pregnant sometimes the slightest smell can set us off. The cover that the pillow comes in is very durable yet still soft for you to cuddle up to it is a very thick fabric which is 100% cotton and the Cover to the Pillow is also 100% natural and Hyper allogenic. Another good thing about the cover is that it will repel the moisture from you so you do not have to worry about waking up to a soggy pillow. I have noticed that I am now able to sleep more completely since I have been using this pillow. The cover and the pillow it’s self is very well soon so you will not notice any missed stitches are least gaps with it I am very impressed with the workmanship of this pregnancy body pillow.

5. Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size)

This is the best full body pillow for pregnancy. The Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow molds itself to the shape of your body to cradle you in complete comfort from head to toe. This extraordinary pillow surrounds you in a cocoon of support, relieving pressure to many areas of the body, which drastically reduces your need to toss and turn. You get uninterrupted, restful sleep. It is filled with Fusion Fiber, so it’s always soft, fluffy, and totally hypoallergenic. Fusion Fiber is made from a polyester polymer with extremely high heat resistance. Each strand is highly polished to insure that the fibers move easily against each other to avoid lumping or clumping. Next, they are twisted or spiraled to give them a soft springy rebound when compressed in use. Finally, the fibers are joined in a conjugate fashion (symmetrical) resulting in a small cluster between one eighth to one quarter inch in diameter. The varying size of each cluster allows them to fit together and fill the voids between themselves providing a very comfortable sleeping surface. Fusion Fiber has become extremely desirable because it can resist very high washing and drying temperatures. This feature is extremely beneficial as it allows the Comfort U to dry faster than any other fiberfill. This is by far the best pillow I’ve ever had. The extra support made my back pain completely disappear. In my opinion, this pregnancy body pillow gives you a very secure feeling, with it pressed up against both your front and back. I imagine it’s kind of like sleeping in a huge dog bed. All in all, I love this pillow so much and I think you should give it a try.

In conclusion, cover and back cushion must be made of high-quality cotton to keep the contents inside as well as the contact with a gentle woman’s body.

The pouch must have a zipper to be removed and changed/washed separately with the pillow. The back cushion must also have a zipper for the future mother to regulate its volume cushion in the case she wants it less than is mandatory from the factory. Both must be hidden zippers, optimum size, so as not to see and be placed in a place that does not come in contact with the body of a pregnant woman. The used filling must be hypoallergenic polyester siliconized caking. It must have certification for the absence of hazardous substances to be very elastic, always return to its original shape, be washable and will not change their properties even after 200 washings. Furthermore, it has the best degree of ventilation due to its grain. Pregnant cushion design follows along as indicated, an exterior layer with colors and prints as cheerful and friendly to create a great atmosphere for the future mother.

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