10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Wedding

The wedding is coming and you have to prepare intensively, and yet you still do not know how to do your hair for the most important day of your life. If you’re more romantic, we bring for you 10 beautiful hairstyles so you can arrange your hair in the romantic style. You need at least to see what it is, and to try them because these hairstyles you can do by yourself alone at home without any problems, are easy to do, requires no experience, so start working and see what suits you best, maybe it will be one that you wear on that special day.

1. Sideswept Braid
Perhaps the easiest hairstyle and very practical especially if you have short hair. It is very easy to make, you can do it alone with a lot of ease. A plaque hair, a pin, a little hairspray and you’re ready. Try it if you have short hair to medium, and you’ll see how easy it is. Find the entire tutorial here.

2 The Twisted Bun
It sounds very difficult in the first picture, but you will be surprised to see how easy it is. Simply separate your hair into two, you make a lump stems, and arrange the rest of the hair in beautiful shape after node and ready. To understand exactly what it is you can see here the whole tutorial.

3. Hollywood Waves
The most beautiful curls, even if it takes a little until you get the desired result, but it will be a very romantic hairstyle. It is an easy hairstyle if you have a straightener, everything starts from some loops, it does not have to be perfect, as there is modeled for these loops. See full tutorial here, step by step, to understand how you can get this romantic hairstyle.

4. Twisted Low Pony
A somewhat disheveled tail for less perfectionist ones and someone who wants something more wavy, and not be perfect and in place. It is just a hairstyle easily achieved with pins, hairspray, and you’re done. View all steps on this site, and start working on it.

5. Romantic Bridal Bun
A small and clean bun is the most romantic wedding hairstyle for this kind of set. Loops and little twisted hair, caught, and you’re ready, you did it. Here’s exactly what you need to do this by visiting this link.

6. The Chic Chignon
A bun looks sophisticated and demanding, instead it is very easy to do, and it’s not as hard as it looks. Obviously you should not miss snaps, elastic, hairspray, a hair brush and you’re ready. Follow this tutorial.

7. Easy Braided Updo
You’ll never miss with this braided tail so, and you must try this tutorial to see if you will like it. It seems a little complicated, but once you start to see how you can get it, it will seem very easy. If you add an accessory, it will be ideal hairstyle for the wedding. Find here the entire tutorial.

8. Waterfall Braid Updo
You have seen this hairstyle but you never knew how to do it yourself, well I come to your aid. You will find here all the details and instructions for how to make this hairstyle. And if you like so much, know that it is perfect for a casual wedding. It is an ideal hairstyle.

9. How to Style a Braided Chignon
In the previous pages I had a tutorial how to make your chignon bun, if you still want something more casual, I’ve come up with a version that can stylizing it. I mean you can do before you start two tight braids, and you will see that it will look more feminine, perhaps childish. Try to see if it characterizes you. Find here the tutorial.

10. The Rosette Embellished Ponytail
Do you want to have your hair jumping freely yet not fault it in front of you? Well I left last easiest hairstyle and casual at the end. And to be effective you can make a flower in the hair, and you will see how beautiful the result will be. Here you have the entire tutorial.


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