10 Exercises for Strong-Abs

It’s time to put yourself to work, it is clear that you have no motivation, and do not know where to start. Well, we come to help you, and suggest you 10 exercises to get rid of the belly and finally have a perfect abdomen. There are exercises that you can easily make at home with few fitness accessories. Try them and you will see that slowly but surely you can have the abdomen you always wanted. In these pages you’ll find all 10 exercises, with explanations.

1. We Dare You to Make Your Plank Even Harder
Let’s get down to work, so you should start in force, and if you don’t have dumbbells, you can use two small bottles filled with water, so improvise if you really want to plunge. Look here for everything you need to do and how many exercises you should work with. Good luck.

2. Mountain Climbers 
If you do not have time to get out and do some outdoor climbing on the mountain, here is an exercise that makes you feel like you have climbed the mountain today. It is an easy exercise, but it will work very well for your abdomen. See here what you have to do.

3. How to Do Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reach
Now that you’re tired after the climbing exercise, here is one that is a little easier. These are lifting of the feet and hands, requiring a lot of your abdomen. You’re lucky that this time you sit on your back, so hopefully you’ll do fine. Here you have the entire tutorial for this exercise.

4. Quadruped
This is a simple exercise, to attenuate a little the effort. Lifting your hand and the opposite foot, with a minimum of reps, you will see that it does the job, even if it is an easy exercise. Here is the number of series you need to do and how many reps for a great workout.

5. Russian Twist Ab Exercise
This exercise clearly will have tremendous effects after you finish it. It is a very hard exercise that will yield excellent results. To understand it better and see exactly what muscle groups you are working in this exercise, here you will find all the details.

6. Reverse Lunge With Single-Arm Press
Another exercise with weights, it is clearly a hard one. But after so much exercise, do not worry that you will not do well with it. Here are all the instructions. You’ll do great!

7. Scissors
Short and to the point, scissors. You have to make shearing with your feet, an excellent exercise for more muscle groups but particularly the abdomen. How many sets of how many reps, you will find the details here.

8. Flutter Kicks
A kind of shear as the previous exercise, only this time you would not be working on the diagonal and simply on lengthwise, and you stay completely lying on the floor. Exercise is easier than the previous one. Try it and visualize all steps here.

9. Medicine Ball Russian Twists
This is the classic Russian Twist exercise; we would just complicate a little the exercise. This time, we add in this exercise a medicine ball. Well, if you are familiar with fitness, you know what a medicine ball is, if not, well is a ball with a considerable weighing. So this time you have to do those Russian twists with this medicine ball. It sounds simple, well let’s see how it actually works. You can find the entire tutorial here.

10. Glute Bridge March
We won’t finish these 10 exercises with an easy one; only after this exercise, you can actually relax. Well, we conclude with a hard exercise, because it will past another week until you will do these exercises again. So, get ready to start very seriously. You can find the entire tutorial and steps here. Good luck and be proud of what you’ve accomplished!


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