10 Awesome Closet Door Makeover

Do you a classic wardrobe and you want to make a change in order to look funnier? These tutorials will show you how to renovate the cabinet doors by yourself. There are ten tutorials that show you how to do these things and to look better and more beautiful. Moreover, if you do them yourself, it will be even bigger delight. So put yourself to work and see what will come out. Check out the ten pages that follow for tutorials.

1. Maps on Closet Doors
For the children’s room is a perfect tutorial. Change the clothes closet doors to look like a large map, from which your children can learn something new. It is very easy to do and it will have a wow effect, and your children will definitely love it. Look here for the tutorial.

2. Fabric Covered Doors
You want cabinet doors to be softer, in true sense; when you open them to be very soft. Here it is possible if you simply dress them in some material. It may seem strange but it is very interesting and beautiful. See here the entire tutorial to make a fabric covered doors.

3. Frugalicious Closet Door Makeover
This is for when you want a whole new door for your old closet. Look how stylish this door is, even if it was brown and ugly before, now is pure white. With a simple idea and inspiration and you can do it too. With a little wallpaper and paint, you can get a totally new door. Check the tutorial here.

4. Bi-Fold To French Closet Door
This is a somewhat complex tutorial, but the effect is going to be successful. Go and buy 2-3 normal doors, and paint them however you like; take out the old ones and mount the new ones. Immediately, you will get a visual effect that will be more elegant. You need to try it, you have all the details here.

5. Paint And Hardware
Some picture frames, paint and skill, and so you have a wardrobe that looks almost new. It’s not a hard thing to do just it takes time. Buy some picture frames, whichever you like, hang them on your closet, paint everything and that’s it. Everything looks new again. Check out the details here .

6. Faux Barn Doors
Look how you can change the cabinet doors, and thus the whole room appearance. So why not put yourself to work and make some changes like this. It is easy to do, find here all the instructions.

7. Give Boring Closet Doors an Inexpensive, Architectural Makeover
closetdoorafter_large_jpgHow good can a splash of color in a white room look? For example, where there is nothing colorful, try to get out of the box a little, embellishing the appearance of your cabinet. All of picture frames will help you, so it’s not at all complicated. To understand the whole process accesses this link.

8. Mirrored Closet Door
Mirrors, we all like mirrors, but having a closet with mirrors, it really is a challenge. You can do this yourself, modifying the appearance of the old cabinet, putting mirrors in place for forestry, so maybe you have another closet that will look great. Go here to see how you can do this change.

9. Chalkboard Closet Doors
The children’s room needs something new. Here’s how you can do this. They won’t write anything on the walls when they can easily draw from now on cabinet doors. Check all the details here for a funny change.

10. Major Style  Statements
Another major change and very elegant for your locker doors is this tutorial. You will have a superb closet door, very easy to achieve, so try to do such a major change. Find the entire tutorial here.


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