5 Super Easy Minimalist Nail Art

You have no more ideas for your nail design? Well, we bring you five minimalistic models that are very easy to do at home. The following pages will show you five full tutorials for these minimalist designs.

1.Dark French Tips
If you do not want that classic French nails anymore get even out of that routine and try other colors. Look, for example, the black looks great. Is like French classic, just replace white with black or any other color you like. Find here more details.

2. Marble Nail Art
Here’s something very interesting and definitely worth trying. Manicure seems a little more elaborate and somewhat heavy, yet if you’ll see exactly how to do the steps, you will want to try it for sure. Look here for all the details.

3. Minimalist Nail Art
It is one of the most minimalist manicures ever. It’s very simple, but with a visual effect, pleasant enough. If you do not like black nor another color you can replace them, no problem. Look here for the entire tutorial.

4. Monochrome
It’s clear that black and white blends well, look this time what effect it is has for this manicure, and it is very simple to do. Those black streaks on a white nail, have a very nice effect. Colors can be replaced with what colors you like. Look here for the tutorial.

5. Glitter Accent Mani
The glitter cannot be missing, at least a little. Even if you have a simple manicure, or have no color on the nails, glitter look like you’re out of anonymity. Try this kind of manicure, find it all here.


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