10 Ideas To Re-Fashion Your Old Jeans

We all have a closet full of old clothes but nothing to wear ! Then I told myself what if I can restore my old jeans?So today I thought I’d share with you 10 great ideas to re-fashion your jeans ! I have chosen some great ideas for you and I hope you like them. To see these ideas go to the next page !

1. Cherry Blossom Boyfriend Jeans
1-cherry-blossom-boyfriend-jeansI really liked these cherry blossom jeans and I wanted to share it with you guys!  For full tutorial click here , and i hope this will bring you a new pair of jeans!

2. Paint Splatter Jeans
Here is another interesting idea offered by  WhoWhatWear. A simple idea like this will change your jeans into new ones ! If you didn’t like this one check out the next one !

3. Heart Pattern Jeans
Hearts are the new must have,so try them and impress your friends! I personaly like this idea and i thought I’d share it with you!  See tutorial here!

4. Pearl Embellished Jeans
Lovemaegan.com comes with this genius idea for your jeans! I really love this idea but I’m not so handy when it comes to stiching,I prefer to paint my jeans,but that’s just me !

5. Jeans Patching With Lace
This is a great metod to restore your old jeans ! Check out the tutorial here!

6. Sweet Tie Dye Jeans
I found an unique way to transform your jeans and make them be the star of the night !  Read the tutorial and see if you like it !

7. Jeans Skirt
Transform your pair of jeans into a highly fashionable skirt! You well turn heads ! Here is the tutorial !

8. Leather Cuffs Jeans
Add some leather to your jeans it will bring them to life ! What do you think? Click here to see how to do it your self !

9. Stitch Rose Jeans
Stich some flowers on to your jeans and see what your friends think about it ! Thank you Bullionstitchesandmore.blogspot.com for the tutorial !

10. Jeans And Scarves
As you can see what some old scarfs and an old pair of jeans can do to your wardrobe ! You can find here all you need : Refinery29.com

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