10 Purrfect Diy Projects Cat Owners

Cats, who does not love cats? If you own a cat, this article is for you. Do you want something new for your cat, but still prefer not to give a lot of money on accessories? Here you can do yourself something warm for your kitty. In this article you have 10 ideas with accessories that you can do by yourself. Good luck!

1.Cat Burger Bed
Burger pillow or Burger bed is especially for cats. Look how cute your cat is and she certainly will love this burger. You take two pillows, you just do a few stitches in some ways, and this is how your cat has a warmly playground. Look here for more pictures and details.

2. Cat Box Cabinet
You want your cat to have a private space where to have her litter, and where to have all the toys. Well, decorate her such a wardrobe, and you’ll see how easy it will be after. Here you have details about this cabinet.

3. Self Petting Station
Your cat does not stand when she needs to be brushed, well you can do her a place where somehow she can comb her alone, without a touch and stir. A bottle brush, wooden countertop, and you have a comb for your cat. Look here for details about this project.

4. Pet Bowl Stand
You do not want your cat bowls to be everywhere, to walk them through it all over the house when they eat. Well, here is a good idea that you can do something useful for her, and for you. It’s a special stand for her food bowls, so you do not step through them, and she will not move them around the house. Look here for instructions.

5. Nest
This is a nest, a sympathetic nest to your cute kitty. A crochet nest is perfect and can help your cat if you really want to attend it. It is easy to do if you understand how to crochet or knitting as well, so put yourself on the job. Look here for instructions.

6. Cat Window Perch
Surely your cat loves to sit on the window and admire the walkways outside. Well if they had a pillow on the window sill, she will be happier. Look how you should be doing something about this, find here everything you need.

7. Cat Scratching Post
Certainly you do not like when your cat is sharpening her nails on the couch or on your new cushions. Here’s how you can do a particular job where sharpen their nail with no problems. It is very easy to do, look here for all instructions you need.

8. Pretty Cat Toys
Here’s another accessory that your cat will be able to sharpen their nails. It’s as easy to do as the previous one, just as you can hang it somewhere and be ready, it won’t mess with you. Look here to see how you can do such an accessory.

9. Cat Shelves
Special racks for your cat to be at height and have the most fun part. If you have the wall on which to sacrifice for the shelves, then put yourself to work. You have here all the instructions.

10. Simple Cat Hammock
Pampering for your kitty if you have some relaxation, it would look like you could do them as a place for relaxation. Look here for what you need to make this simple cat hammock.


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