10 Elegant Paper Lanterns For Your Wedding

You want to have a not too expensive wedding and to make some accessories or decorations are great suggestions. Well, we come to help you with some ideas. This time it is about flashlights for light, you want to beautify them a little. Here you have ten ideas that show you how to make one of these accessories. These are easy to do, you only need inspiration and talent and you’re all set. You solved the problem. Good luck!

1.Paper Lanterns: Flowers
Look how cute and nice these flashlights look. Well it seems something more sophisticated, but you can try doing them without much effort. To understand how to do it, here you can find the explanations.

2. Glitter Disco Ball
You like glitter, well we all do. And if you want your wedding to be a little glitter and do not know where to start, here we come up with an idea for you to do your sources of glitter light! Here you can find details to see how you can do this. It is very easy, I promise.

3. Simple Elegant Paper Lantern
Beautiful! This flashlight is very beautiful, it doesn’t even give the impression that it is a flashlight, just as it is highly stylized and looks expensive. All you need is paper, glue, and obviously a flashlight. It is very easy to achieve, and certainly you will like the result. Find all the details here.

4. Shine a Bit of Light 
You haven’t thought that a newspaper can help you do something easy, well, look how good this looks, all put together. And as flowers are always an attraction, take the flashlights as they won’t look simple and apply flowers made of paper, and you will see a major change. Look here for the entire process.

5. Snowball Lantern
This looks like a sensational project. It requires quite a long time but the whole effect is very beautiful. You must choose a flashlight quite small, medium, because when you add paper on it, it will make it look bigger. Look here for the entire process, for a better understanding of this project.

6. Jellyfish Light
It looks funny, very funny, but it is so beautiful though. It may seem a little more difficult but you will see that it is quite easy. Find the details and instructions by accessing this link .

7. Cherry Blossom Paper Lanterns
You want color in your wedding, look how good they look, these lanterns, very cute. These are easy to achieve especially if you have a family with little children, they can definitely help. Find details here.

8. Paper Lanterns Pom-Pom
Cute! This is the impression this flashlight gives me. As you can see it is easy to do, you just need a string of pompoms and a skill, and like that you can realize a flashlight. You can choose what color you want, and immediately you can finish it. Look for more details here.

9. Gold Lantern
Few metallic colors never hurt! With a metal spray, you have solved the problem such as color or slightly metallic sheen to your wedding. It is an immediate fix. Find more photos here.

10. Pretty Paper Lantern
If you have a wedding in the spring, these lanterns are for you. It is easy to do with a little glue, pictures of flowers, and little color. You’re all set and you have solved the problem with a few flashlights like this. Find details and instructions here.


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