15 Rhubarb Recipes For Your Coffee Table

You never even knew what to do with rhubarb! Well, I’ve come to the rescue with 15 recipes containing rhubarb. From tarts, cookies, at the lowest cupcakes, there is something for everyone. Like any cakes, they take time, many ingredients, but if you really want to try rhubarb, in any combination, look at these 15 recipes with rhubarb and convince yourself why it deserves your attention.

1.Rhubarb & Raspberry Frangipane Tart with Almond Praline
We start with something easy, with tart rhubarb. It is a classic tart recipe, the cake is classic, so, so far, there is nothing hard. What comes after? Well, the main ingredient. Look here for ingredients to make this delicious tart.

2. Strawberry And Rhubarb Crunch
How about a salad with strawberry rhubarb? You have never thought to make a fruit salad and add some rhubarb. Well, it looks like it could be something delicious. Find here more details about this dish.

3. Mini Oat-Crusted Strawberry, Rhubarb & Maple Galettes
Mini tarts with rhubarb and oatmeal. This is healthy and tasty. If you cannot believe it, well keep in mind that it looks great and it is definitely tasty. Here you have the recipe for this amazing healthy meal.

4. Port-Poached Rhubarb With Ricotta And Walnut Crumble
This is something fresh and sweet. You’ve never tried this recipe before; well, you would have to try it because its taste is a delicacy. You can find all the ingredients here.

5. Rhubarb Meringue Pie
Rhubarb tart and a meringue dessert are perfect for anyone. This sounds complicated to do but the taste makes it easier. Look for more details about this dessert here.

6. Greek Yogurt Mousse With Poached and Candied Rhubarb
This is both a dessert and a perfect breakfast. If you want something fresh in the morning which can be tasty, this is the perfect breakfast for you. Maybe you thought to combine rhubarb with yogurt, well, it is possible. Check out the details here.

7. Brownie Cookies with Rhubarb & Vanilla Bean
Certainly rhubarb cookies are something you have never done. We guarantee that it will be delicious and it is worth it to try them too. As a snack, or for coffee in the morning, they are perfect. More details are here.

8. Goat’s Milk And Rhubarb Semifreddo
This is a little more complicated but delicious dessert. You’ll be surprised how good it can be. If you have one festive day with this dessert you will conquer your guests. Find details here.

9. Rhubarb and Custard Cake
Obviously you cannot miss this cake from your recipes. So I put a recipe with a delicious cake with rhubarb. Maybe you did not know you can make a cake with rhubarb. Look for details here to see how easily it is to make such a cake.

10. Rhubarb Barbecue Sauce
A barbecue sauce with rhubarb, this really is special and even strange recipe. Nobody was thinking about this so far. If you want a new sauce for your juicy steak, find the recipe details here and try it.

11. Rhubarb + Rhubarb Olive Oil Cake
This is another cake, even more special as the previous one. This time we have more ingredients with rhubarb. Surely you have not heard of rhubarb oil. If you’re curious about this cake, find here all the details.

12. Blackberry Rhubarb Bread
Bread with blueberries and rhubarb it is always something interesting and definitely tasty. This is a classic recipe of bread and fruit, but certainly you haven’t tried this combination before. You can find details and all the ingredients here.

13. Strawberry Rhubarb Streusel Muffins
Yes, cupcakes can be made with rhubarb, now it is clearer that you can use rhubarb at any dessert. These are classic cupcakes; just add this special ingredient, rhubarb. Find the entire recipe here.

14. Cardamom Rhubarb Bars
Maybe you want something easy for breakfast, or to take to work something sweet. This cake is perfect for you. Try it just one time, you’ll be amazed. Look here for more details about this recipe.

15. Raspberry Rhubarb Almond Bars
This is another cake recipe that you can take to work, to have something sweet and good in much-needed break. It looks amazing, so you will definitely try it. Find here the details.


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