5 Cake Recipes for Star Wars Fans

You are a Star Wars fan! That’s awesome! If you want something special for your birthday, here are some ideas to have a special cake. Maybe you just are enjoying it, but it doesn’t matter. Beautiful part is that you can do it yourself, some cakes seem hard to do, but when you go to work you will see that it will be very fun and delicious at the end. Get to work!

1.Star Wars BB-8 Birthday Cake
You just love the little robot, how can you not like it. Well, you can even make it as a cake. It is so easy that your own children can do it. And of course, you cannot fail. Look here for all the details regarding this cake.

2. R2D2 Star Wars Birthday Cake
This is something more complex, but if you like this character, you will definitely achieve this cake. The cake will seem difficult, but with little understanding, and if you look here for details, you will get the hand of it.

3. Star Wars Death Star Birthday Cake
Perhaps this is the easiest cake made, or among you can do very quickly if you have all the ingredients on hand. You can get help from a few toys, because they are quite hard to do. Well, get to work, you have all the details here.

4. Star Wars Sarlacc Bundt Cake
This is another cake that is easy to make quickly, with a very pleasant effect, if you love Star Wars. You can do it yourself, if you want, you can go to work and that’s it. Here you have the ingredients for this cake.

5. Star Wars Birthday Cake
If your child loves Star Wars, well a cake with this theme, and characters from Star Wars, will definitely be a delight. And when you do it yourself, the better, you’ll be proud that you made this cake for your child and he will adore it. Get to work, accessing this link where you can find all the details.

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