20 Cool Vertical Gardening Ideas

Do you want a small garden in your own apartment? We may help in getting a little green in your home and life. These are small vertical gardens that do not occupy much space, especially if it’s a small apartment. Here are 20 such ideas. See the following pages that show you exactly what you have to do. Get to work!

1.Vertical Garden Wall
Surely you like what you see, and if you have some ability to do such things, put yourself on the job and see how well it will look in your garden, especially if you do not have very much space. So it’s a good solution for you. Here you have all the details.

2. Living Wall
This is perfect for your apartment, as you can see in the picture. The kitchen can be very aesthetically beautiful if you have such a garden. If you use many spices you can plant some to have fresh spices. All, at your fingertips. Look here for more details and pictures.

3. Florafelt Vertical
Such a garden would be very practical and beautiful in a balcony or on a wall. It’s a special plant that is intended for it. To understand the whole process and how you can use it in your own garden, you have here all the details.

4. Grow up  in a small garden
This is a much cheaper option to the previous project. You can do this one if you’re good at sewing, and if you have an older curtain, eventually, you have solved the problem immediately. All you have to do you will find here. 

5. DIY Pyramid Garden
Practical and beautiful! You’ll have some work for this project, but if you like and you’re good at such things, go for it. Find all instructions and details in this link.

6. Strawberries in a rain gutter trees
Maybe you have not thought that a pipe can be helpful in your garden, for planting flowers strictly. But it is possible, so get ready to work on it. Look here for details regarding this project.

7. Grow a Vertical Garden Indoors
Surely this painting will grab your attention. Well, it looks like you can make your own painting which you could have in your house. It seems difficult but if you like it, it is worth it. Look here for all the details to make your own lively painting.

8. Easy Vertical Bottle Garden
Bottles! You certainly have many bottles and nothing to do with them. So, here are some tips on how to use them somehow without much effort, in order to have a practical garden. To understand the whole process follow this link.

9. Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden
Pallets. They are so useful. If you have a pallet left, here is what you can do with it. Do not throw it out or put it on the fire, find out how useful it can be for your garden. The details are here.

10. The Edible Garden Project
With several boxes and a little inspiration, you can make an incredible garden. Children can help, and this is how you can make a whole garden with your favorite spices and plants. Look for details here.

11. Pots with pvc tubes
Have you renovated your house and you have some several tubes of PVC left? Here are some tricks on how you can recycle or use them for something else. Here’s how you can plant flowers in these PVC tubes. Details and more photos here.

12. Ladder Herb Garden
Do you have an old ladder and do not want to give it up yet? Well, you can easily reuse it. It also looks great. So, start working and see what you can get for your garden. Look for the details here.

13. Indoor Vertical Herb Garden
This is a kind of shelf, but you can use it to plant your favorite flowers, and it does not occupy very much space. The details that you need to do this shelf are here.

14. Hanging Basket Garden
Do you want to have hanging plants around the house or in your garden? Buy a few baskets of this kind and look how beautiful your garden can be. Do it yourself! You have here the link for all the details.

15. Make a Modern, Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden
Old cans of vegetables! Incredible useful. You can reuse them for a very helpful and pleasant purpose. Easy and practical, with a minimum of space, you can have a beautiful garden at home or on the balcony. You can find the details here.

16. Vertical Hanging Buckets
Galeti mici de tabla. Uite cat de dragalase sunt, si cat de folositoare iti pot fi in casa. Poate nu te-ai gandit ca te pot ajuta, dar uite ca se poate. Intreg procesul il gasesti aici.

17. Vertical Garden
This is a kind of a photo frame, with a small garden in it. Look how good they look in the garden and you can have them in your home too. If you know your mill, and all sorts of things you can do with wood, do it yourself and you will definitely get this picture. Look for all instructions here.

18. Diy Herb Garden
You want all your spices to be in one place and very affordable. Here’s how you can achieve that by having a small and handy garden for everything. All you need is some skills and that’s it. You solved the problem. You can find instructions here.

19. Pallet Planter
This is another idea to use pallets, with little effort and your imagination, to get a beautiful garden. Put yourself on the job and you will have it in your own garden. If you want to have a mini garden with your favorite flowers, you have all the details here.

20. Pallet Garden In 7 Easy Steps
For this project we need a minimum of effort, and a few plants. It is the easiest project to have a garden in miniature. So gather your things: a pallet, a few plants and a material that will stop the water to get out. To understand the whole process look here for all the details.


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