10 Fabulous Wedding Shoes

Shoes! All of the girls and women are crazy for shoes! That’s because there is nothing more amazing. So look here for 10 ideas about shoes for you and for your wedding. Because this article is about perfect wedding shoes if you have not yet decided on any pair. Certainly after you see this article you will find the perfect pair. See the following pages and you will be amazed.

1.Swan Embellished Satin Pump
A pair of precious shoes, so you can have a precious day, is everything. And you’ll be the most valuable, so you deserve such a pair of shoes. The shoes are with crystals, with not very high heels, so you definitely will be wearing them proudly. Look for more pictures here.

2. Sergio Rossi
If you have a summer wedding, it means that you will need sandals for your wedding. Well this pair of sandals will definitely be perfect for you. Cut, just a little pebbles, and ready, they are perfect. Look at pictures of these sandals from other angles, here.

3. Gold by Badgley Mischka 
If you do not want an ordinary pair of white shoes, you can have that now. A splash of color never hurts and your shoes need to stand out. Here’s how you can combine them here.

4. Badgley Mischka
This is another pair from the same designer as in the precedent article. Just as we don’t have a wacky color but the same rules go: white, cream; the shoes are special just by having these flowers fabric made of silk. Simple and elegant. Look here for details about these shoes.

5. Miu Miu
These are perhaps some of the most precious shoes, and if you want to have fun with color all night, certainly with these shoes that will happen. They are very beautiful and they have the greatest visual impact. Look here for more pictures, to see how beautiful they are.

6. Butterfly Shoe
This kind of shoes are the most feminine and most cute. Only because someone thought to make shoes with butterflies that look sensational. You will find details and more photos here, you will see how great these will be for you.

7. Neutral Colored
Do you want something simple and elegant? Then these are the shoes for you. Do not stand out very much, there are no pebbles, they are very simple and elegant. You can find them here.

8. Sea
If you have a wedding near the sea, you adore summer season and you want everything to look great. Here are some shoes create specially for you. The sea will be at your feet in the day of the wedding. A starfish towards a desired outcome it will be perfect. Find the shoes here to see all their details.

9. Heartwarming Shoe
It is impossible not to like this pair of shoes, or not even grab your attention. Less is more; well they have little luster, but also some simplicity, so they combine them very well. Find all the details about them here, with more pictures to convince yourself.

10. Ivory Dentelle by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN
We conclude the article with a simple pair of shoes with a simple but very nice model and certainly very comfortable because the heel is not very tall. Surely you’ll be able to wear them the day after the weddings, because they have that splash of color, red, which suits any outfit. Look for the details here.


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