10 Unique Ways to Wrap Gifts

As Christmas comes, there also must come these gifts, well, if you are out of ideas on how to wrap most beautiful gifts, here are 10 beautiful ways how to do it better and more beautiful. Follow these ten projects to see and have the most beautiful gifts.

1.How to Wrap Gifts With Natural Items
Something natural will never fail. Simple is the nicest so, trying something natural and easy, you will definitely have success. Look here for all the details.

2. Gift Wrapping With Duck Tape
Unless you have all kinds of paper in which to do all kinds of flowers, know that you could handle scotch as well, so try this. Look here to see what you can do and how easy it is.

3. A Clever New Way to Wrap Gift Cards
You prepared the gifts but do not know what kind of labels to put on them, or how to look, if these labels fit you the way you wrapped the presents, then try them and you will be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Look here for details.

4. All White
So what if it’s winter and everything is white, let’s go with white on the packing gifts, and you will see that it will be perfect if you accessorize everything right. Look here for beautiful details to do this.

5. Chalkboard Packaging
If you do not want white, let’s try with black, you may enjoy it. You are a more extraordinary person, and then such a setting will be perfect for you. Black paper, a pen and white; look how elegant it all looks. Find details about the project here.

6. Vintage Cookie Tins
If you ate some cookies throughout the year then surely you have such candy boxes. And if you do not want to throw them, they can help you with anything in the house, to put the presents in them, and give them further. Look here for more photos of these boxes.

7. Wrap a Gift Using Ribbons and Trim
Pom-poms are perfect for Christmas-tree. Round as globes, will fit perfectly under the Christmas tree, where you put these gifts. Look here to see what you need to make these gifts.

8. Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
This is something colorful and emitting happiness, as it should be every Christmas after all. If you have no idea to pack a bag here’s something nice. Some colored mohair yarn, and you have solved the problem. Look here for the necessary instructions.

9. It’s a Wrap
Surely you have not yet thought to use something else besides wrapping paper for gifts in order to look good. Here you can try scarves, so you have more of a gift for those you love. Look here, to see how you can make this gift.

10. Bottle Wrap
If you have a few bottles of wine that you want to do make them as a gift and do not know how to wrap them, I’ve come up with ideas to solve this problem. So take care to not break them and they will look good. You got the entire tutorial here.


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