5 Beauty Masks to Try Out This Winter

After so many food, decorations and arrangements, we should have a little care of us, especially our skin. So we have some special masks with specific ingredients for fall and winter, so you can try it anytime this season. Read the following pages and see how delicious are these masks.

1. Red Wine Honey Mask
Wine is clearly specific for winter, perfect to warm up. Well then you never thought you could use wine as a mask too. Ingredients and exact quantities, you can find here.

2. Orange Turmeric Revitalizing Face Mask
Oranges go perfect with winter. The fresh smell it will catch you if you like to eat oranges, you must try this mask. After a first use, you will have a clear, fresh and lively skin. Look here for all the ingredients.

3. Pumpkin Face Mask
Pumpkin clearly should not miss from your skin care routine, even now during this cold. So I prepared a special recipe with pumpkin mask you have to try. Look here for details about this mask.

4. Avocado + Honey + Cacao Face Mask
Avocado is apparently good at all, so you have to try, especially because it has cocoa in it, a perfect ingredient for winter. Look for more details here.

5. Pumpkin Spice and Honey Face Mask
Honey and pumpkin make a great combination, especially in this cold season. These are perfect ingredients for you to have a hydrating and bright skin. Look here for the exact ingredients to make this facial mask.


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