5 Hot Drinks Special for Winter

We have food, we have winter decorations, but we cannot forget about drinks, so we should have hot drinks near us. So I collected five recipes for hot and delicious drinks that you should necessarily try. In the following five pages you should discover these recipes.

1.Pumpkin Toddy
It is already clear that you should not miss pumpkin in such a recipe, so start with a drink containing pumpkin. Look here for all the ingredients you need to make this drink.

2. Easy Chai Tea
Tea is becoming a trend this winter, so if you do not know the exact recipe, we come to help you with a recipe you can make in your own home, not to run around in the cafes for a desired outcome. Look here for the recipe.

3. Chit-Cha Toddy
Another kind of toddy but with a special twist; it has some extra ingredients, and the taste is changed automatically. If you like drinks like this, look here for the recipe to try it yourself.

4. Honey-Bourbon Toddy
Obviously there should be a little alcohol. If you’re a fan of this kind of drinks, you will clearly enjoy this drink, you can find ingredients here.

5. Gingerbread Toddy
With four simple ingredients you can make a drink like this, I mean … it is delicious. It is similar with coffee, it is just very energetic like. Find details about the drink here.


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