10 Winter Style and Trends

Styles and trends change constantly and you have to adapt. If you want to be a fashion star then you have to see what’s new for this season of autumn-winter. I’ve come up with ten ideas for you to know how things are these days.

1.Pastel Sweater + Metallic Midi Skirt + Sneakers
I don’t think you ever thought that sneakers will be great with a skirt. Well these are the trends in this period and looks like it fits perfectly, so you need to at least try. Look for more pictures here.

2. Shearling
Recently, you will think that you will be wearing your blankets as clothes, over short skirts or pants; these are the trends this winter. Here you have more photos and different outfits.

3. Become a layering pro
Layering, meaning many layers of clothing, combined with style and with a certain score. So, the basic concept is: the more the better. You can find this whole concept of layering here.

4. Turtleneck Sweater + Belted Coat + Heeled Ankle Booties


Where winter is definitely something milder, this outfit will fit perfectly. But even so, you can try a trick with some thick socks, and you save yourself the cold. Look here for more details.

5. Graphic Fur
The fur will never go out of style because it is a preferred artificial accessory. This year you can wear graphical models of fur and no longer classical and natural colors. Look for more images here.

6. Ski Jackets
So what these are ski jackets, right now these are favored on the podium, and also combined with office outfits. It works perfectly. Find more outfits here.

7.  Let your boots steal the show
Paris Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2015 - Streetstyle Featuring: Olivia Palermo Where: Paris, France When: 27 Sep 2014 Credit: The Styleograph/WENN.com
If you have a pair of boots that deserves to be the center of attention, here’s how you can highlight them out. Short pants and long boots, clearly will be in the spotlight. You have pictures of many ideas, here.

8. Oversized Knit + Slouchy Trousers
If you want to have an easy and lazy one day outfit, these trends help you be loose today. So you can smoothly have a casual look. You can find casual outfits here.

9. Spring Happy Shades
So what the spring has passed; in this winter coats are colorful and cheerful, do not think it is still winter. There are several models of clothes like this, here.

10. Puffer Coats
If the cold really made its presence felt, then here is a kind of jackets for this winter. If you prefer to wear these kinds of jackets, then be the most fashion person. Look here, to find many outfits of this kind.


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