5 Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Because some of us do weddings in the winter, I’ve come up with some ideas for floral arrangements, because winter is harder with flowers or inspiration. This article gives you five ideas for your wedding to be more beautiful, even if it is winter, you can adapt easily.

1.Wedding centerpiece of lanterns, pine boughs, roses, and pinecones
Look how you can put all the specific things of the winter in an arrangement for your wedding, and which will look very seasonal and beautiful. Find more pictures and details here.

2. Scandinavian winter wedding inspiration
This is a Scandinavian trend, which means decoration and arrangements for weddings … so it seems that a lot of things can be arranged in this style. Find out what it is, in this link where you have all the details and a lot of pictures.

3. Snowflakes
It’s winter, but it’s not disturbing if it snows on your wedding day, look how beautiful snow may look throughout the wedding decor. A few candles, little snow, and everything is perfect. Look here for many pictures of weddings in the snow.

4. Decor Ideas Using Jars
Jars are perfect, and it is obvious that you can introduce them in the wedding decor, if you know how and with a little imagination. A candle, a little pine tree branch and you can have a perfect setting for your wedding this winter. Look here for more pictures as inspiration.

5. Simple, Modern Pinecone Décor
This is a final touch, very sympathetic, and a clear element of winter, pine cones, and look how good they look in combination with some white flowers. Find details here.


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