15 Natural Bath Bombs

As winter came, certainly you have to transform the routine of classic shower every evening, in long and soothing baths, as we warm up fully. So here’s how you can make several bombs bathroom, which are perfect for long and hot baths. They are easily done with a minimal expense.

1.DIY Bath Bombs for Mom
You do not know what kind of gifts to do, because you want one in which to put your soul or to be made by yourself. Here’s how you can make some bombs like this and see how you can have the perfect gift. Here you have all details.

2. Rainbow Bath Bomb
To have some color in this winter, let’s start with the bathroom, why not enjoy it when doing color bath. Here are some bath bombs in many colors, and you can even do them by yourself, look here for the ingredients.

3. Lavender Bath Bombs
You had a hard and cold day and all you want is to relax in the true sense, certainly a long bath with lavender bath bomb will help you a lot. Do some bombs like two days before, and you can relax perfectly, here you have all the details.

4. Sakura Green Tea Bath Bombs
Do you want the spring to come quickly? Well you can start right now, even if it is winter, with a bath bomb that for sure you will like and you will energize yourself. Find all the instructions to make your own bath bomb here.

5. Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs
Hot chocolate goes perfect in the winter so a bathroom smelling of chocolate definitely is going to be perfect, so look what you can do to make a bath bomb like this. You would certainly enjoy it, here you have details about this sweet bath bomb.

6. Light color bath bombs
Pastels, everyone loves these colors which are given different flavors, so if you want to see how many flavors can get with these bath bombs, you can see here details to make them yourself easily.

7. Dried up roses
A few rose petals in the tub full of water certainly never hurt, but if you combine two favorite things it is clearly going to be a relaxing evening. Look for more details here so you could make yourself a bath bomb.

8. Ultra Softening Bath Bombs
Hydration, if you need it, a bomb in the bathroom can help moisturize the skin. Take many essential oils, put them in bath bomb, and you feel the need for more hydration when you throw a bomb like that and you have solved the problem. You can check out here for more details about this softening bath bomb.

9. Rose Bath Bombs
Another bomb recipe bath with petals of roses, you can also put any kind of flowers you prefer. Come and see here details to try it yourself.

10. Milky Bath Bombs
Make these small bath bombs and you will think you are like the Egyptian queen Cleopatra in her milk bath; these are the best moisturizers… here you have the recipe for an incredible night.

11. Pink bomb
Pink, girls love pink, so a pink bath bomb is going to be perfect, and all the bath water clearly going to be as rosy. Look here to see how you can do it.

12. Dried Herbs
Oils and various spices or flavorings put in bath bombs, possibly dried fruit; even you deserve such little time to do them. Look here for the entire tutorial.

13. Herb or Flower Bath Bombs
Another kind of bombs with dried spices, and other ingredients, just as these are tiny, if you want something a little more practical and not the previous article you liked, you can try these. Look here for more details.

14. Peppermint Candy Bath Bomb
If you want something more in the Christmas spirit, it means that these bombs, or rather these candies, fit much better. Here you have necessary instructions to do them.

15. Macaron Bath Bombs
Macarons, the most famous cupcakes lately. If you love cupcakes of this kind, then you should try to do these bath bombs in the form of macaroni. Look here for details and how you can do them.


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