10 Homemade Products with Coconut Oil

The cold winter is coming and we need intense hydration; the most popular ingredient for intense hydration was and still is coconut oil, the most famous and very rich in oil properties. So you have to do some mixtures with coconut oil to intense hydration this winter.

1. Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Mask
Because your hair needs a big hydration during this time of year when the air is cold, and because we do not protect our hair with anything, try this mask. You have here the entire recipe for this mask.

2. Rosemary Coconut Oil Hair Spray
If you do not like to sit with all kinds of masks on your hair, well here’s an easier method that does not require too much time to act. It is even cleaner than the one before. Look for more details here to see this hair spray.

3. Eyelash Serum
Do you feel that your eyelashes are crazy at this time but you do not want to buy anything that cost a lot and the results are not always the ones you expect. Well you can try this serum, which you can find here to see if it works better.

4. Natural Face Mask
It is clearly that the face also needs a face mask for this period. Here is a more special one that contains an unexpected ingredient, namely, oatmeal, which seem to be good for this combination, look here for details.

5. Coconut Vanilla Lip Balm
Slowly we check every part of your body, so the lips do not need to be left out, so look here to see how you can make a lip balm with coconut oil and a flavor of vanilla, everyone’s favourite.

6. Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar
After doing this mask, the hair should be washed and for a greater hydration. Also, make it your own, you can find here this coconut oil shampoo, it will be very efficient as additional treatment to the previous masks.

7. Hand Scrub
If you come from outside with cold hands, go in the bathroom and if you use this combination, you’ll see how your hands will come back to life; they will become even much finer than before. Look here for the recipe of this natural treatment.

8. Citrus Body Scrub
We dealt with hands too so now it is time we take care about the body also. So, look for a solution with this moisturizing scrub made with a grapefruit, and here you have all the steps for this scrub.

9. How to Make Silky, Fluffy, Chemical-Free Shaving Cream
You haven’t really expected it to work, but here it looks like this helps us: coconut oil for shaving. It helps us not to hurt the skin as usually happens when shaving. Look here for more details.

10. Whipped Coconut Oil Cellulite Cream
Most of people, if not all women, suffer from this problem, namely cellulite. But it seems that this coconut can help us in this matter. To have your own cream, you have here the entire recipe.


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