5 Diy Book Christmas Tree

You have no natural tree, but you have many books, well look how you can make a Christmas tree using the books you have. So if you’ve read them and you want to use them for something else, here’s what you can do. In this article you will find five projects that will show you how to do your own tree from books, especially your favorite books.

1.Green Books Christmas tree
As someone who reads a lot, you definitely can find some green books in the library that you can use for a small tree. Look here for details on how you can make your own tree, it is nothing hard, as you will see.

2. Christmass Tree Hardcover Edition 
This is about other green books and another tree model, so … let’s get to work. You don’t need only all green books, you can also use whatever books you want. Look here for details about this tree.

3. Old Books to Create a Book Stack Christmas Tree
You definitely have some books, but did you know they can have another aspect? And if you do it quickly, or if you have a friend who has no Christmas tree, but has books, put yourself on the job and make them a tree. Look here for details and pictures with these books.

4. Red Christmas Tree
You need some red. Even if it is a tree made of books, it does not mean you do not have to decorate, so look what you can do even if it is a tree books. Look here for details about this project.

5. Bling-bling Tree
This seems to be a full tree, from the ornaments to the size, everything, so you can have a big beautiful tree like this. So full of decorations, so you need to go to work. Look here to see what you have to do.

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